Green steel DONE!!!! Sorta…

I’m officially done with green steel on my ranger. Officially as in I still have to tier 3 some stuff, but as far as Items goes – yup. I could consider making a couple of triple earth picks for the earth grab, but for now I’m closing the books on this guy and will move on to get my half orc where I need it and get him some stuff. Primarily I’m thinking all immunity helmet, mineral II great axe and lightning II great axe. Possibly a HP mineral II helmet instead. But that’s the extent of it. The rest of the gear will be Epic, ToD and Epic cloak of Night. One that I will start making this week during the Mabar event. I have a level 12 already but I’d like a 8, 16 and 20 as well – all ready as I hit those milestones.
I haven’t thought about armor that much. Most likely DT. And as it hit 20 Epic infested armor.


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