I did the first lordmarch quest with my half orc at level 10 (it’s a level 12 mission). I used a bard hireling. Haste and displacement for the world.

It wasn’t easy, but there’s something satisfying to explode all that raw power and hitting Fighter haste boost together with haste is just share, brutal and unapologetic mayhem.

Or to put it in the best way possible – orc power attack and all that half orc extra damage makes one really sticky and brutal situation very quickly.

So when I hit 12 I figured I’d do the Minotaur village mission – having done it with the other two capped on elite I had a general understanding just how frantic it can get.

I always start by clearing the outskirts and picking up all the pieces and then as I come full circle I stone the guards outside the gate and repair the ballista closest which will fling you all across the village and land you by the shrines. Half orcs are not subtle, so I didn’t have any illusions that I would be sneaking around playing ninja and went for the brutal slaughter method instead.

Clearing wasn’t all that hard. Blade of fury is a great weapon and it cuts through anything with ease. Only the spiders gave me some trouble with all that marsh land and web. But my FvS hireling kept me alive and after some brutal close quarter I even landed myself the boss spider.

The actual fight inside the village started bad. First off my hireling ended up piled on by dozen or so minotaurs and my Half orc succumbed by constant spell barrage, knockdowns and negative levels. But I raised myself at the shrine, cleared the area around it and got my healer back. Then hit haste and haste boost and diced the red named and everything around.

And since I didn’t want a repeat in the other sections of the village I did hit and runs – using bows to pull agro and dicing everything close by as quickly as possible while moving to higher ground or narrow streets where I could better funnel critters without getting constantly knocked down.

The ending was kind of anti climactic. Previously it had been a frantic slaughter fest with me trying to survive brutal odds – now it was more me launching myself into the fort, pulling the boss and running back to the part of the village with the shrine and dominate and slaughter him without any other critters following and surrounding me.

Then back to the boss part, kill off the other two mini bosses and other critters.

I didn’t pull any loot and 5k wasn’t nearly good enough for the length of the quest, but it was nice to adjust tactics somewhat to effectively take down a whole village full of angry minotaur’s. Just me and a very scared FvS hireling.


2 thoughts on “Minotaured

  1. citiplaysddo

    I love the minotaur quest! The end chests give some nice gear, and it’s fun to go in all sword ablazing! Alas, I am beyond level for that quest (and my others are not quite to level). I have a picture in my gallery of one of the large bells used to summon more minotaurs titled: MOAR COWBELL!!!! XD


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