In the right frame of mind

So I ran frame works again – Minotaur village thingie quest with a group this time. There was only 5 of us, but I figured that if I could solo it I bet 5 level (almost) appropriate toons could do it better.

So I died twice. Which is far less than most others.

I died once as I tried to help out 2 that decided to play brave heart and attack 2 red named (in the same spot) and 3-4 other Minotaur’s. I started by killing several but then got knocked down over and over until I got up with a fraction HP left and died.

The second time I died it was when I was within a hit from killing the boss Minotaur – I should have stepped out of it, drunk a couple of pots and get back in again, but alas I didn’t. before that I had killed the red named orc and in the end as the red named ogre slaughtered 2 of the group I ran in, did the whole haste, power surge and fighters haste boost and clobbered him as he got half my HP due to some cold damage.

Another 5k later and this quest is still too long for the XP – but as thanks I pulled the crown (which I let people roll on) and the bloody cleaver which I kept. It’s a funny world; not that it attest to any skill or anything but one run can go so relatively smooth and another so completely wrong. I guess it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  


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