Mabar – finally ends

Do you remember Risia? How happy we were that it was finally over – the 4th time it ran in the middle of the Summer? But thankful that it gave us all those recipes so we could add ice burst to a decent bunch of weapons and superior glaciations to startup gear?

Risia to me was perfect; in one full day you could get enough coins to upgrade whatever item you had in mind and after a couple of days you could be done.

Mabar – not so much. Don’t get me wrong. I like the event. I love the gear – but the grind is mind numbing, caster oriented, heart wrenchingly designed to remove any kind of forward progress other than spending days in and days out ‘farming’ stuff.

If I solo this with my ranger I get more stuff. If I farm it (solo) with my FvS I get more plus motes. If I join a group as a ranger I get the odd thing but really nothing else. And if I do it as a caster I can slaughter a whole group and get say 4-7 motes if I drink the drought. Single kills stuff and I have a chance to get 2-3 items per group – one shot kill them with AOEs and I get one thing.

Join a group and enjoy fireballs and meteor storm and watch it go off over and over and over…

The changes from ‘kill something and get something’ to ‘kill something and if you’re group might get something’ seems good. It prevents ninja kills (you know 1 HP left and the monk rush in and snipes it). But in reality if you’re a large group there’s such a slight chance that you get something.

I’ve spent hours just to get a bunch of motes and the scale raid (unless it has competent people in it) takes place every 5 hour or so. That gives me a realistic chance to pull maybe 2-3 scales per day if I’m around all the time and that’s just too much time invested in that one event.

Again – I like the trading system and it shows a lot of promise. I like the changes, the gear you can make and the overall premise. But it’s like being a jackhammer operator. Eventually your hands, arms and whole body feels numb.

And that’s not having fun.




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