What – not epic?

That was my first thought when I checked over the gear and weapons in u7 F2P Medusa quests. They were interesting – by far more so than a lot of other similarly leveled gear. Nothing ‘WOW its so uber, like yellow steel almost’. More like – hmm – it’s so good that I might even find use of it at level 20. Occasionally.

But it said fusible. Giving a hint that if you add something to it, it might have some other cool properties.  It’s not the first time Turbine have played with that. Take IQ quests and suppressed powers. With update 8 on Lamannia the whole ‘what can you do with fusible’ was answered.

To put it simple; each update have a bunch of different weapons and you can upgrade each and one of them by taking one main feature of one of the updates weapon and add it to the other updates weapon. So U7 blade of fury can have the Hooked blade (U8) feature of maiming added to it (you essentially merge the two with a ‘mark’). Furthermore, as a request by people for a finessable weapon, you can also split blade of fury (a great sword) into 2 shortswords. They maintain the same features (other than being a different weapon) but it cost twice as many marks to do it.

They also become +5 weapons instead of +4 without the upgrade and U7 weapons (level 10) gets bumped up to level 12.

The interesting part is not that the weapons become uber – this is not like adding tier 3 to a green steel where you add a better elemental damage plus a primary bonus (such as Mineral II keen and metalline). Instead it marginally make the item better, but you get a choice of 4 interesting effects.  Such as crippling, maiming, petrify, lesser vampirism, body feeder etc. All ‘interesting’ but not overpowering.

It also adds a dynamic if you use 2 weapons as they can complement the primary feature of the weapon with whatever the added feature that you want. How about handwraps that can stun and petrify with lesser vampirism (it only adds one HP per hit but it’s increased by amplification bonuses). Or the hooked blade with maiming and limb chopper and body feeder added?

All in all they’re perfect for the 10-16 level range, at least until green steel. One can only hope that there will be further support for these items. That there is at least one more tier to be added in the future just like the Mabar item could be taken all the way to epic.

But keep them cool; we don’t need more green steel – what we need is to keep them valid and interesting. Something that speaks to the flavor of the item and your playstyle. Maybe something like greater bane of some kind.

Also, there are items part of a 3 item set bonus. They can also be upgraded from level 11 to level 13. You don’t add a feature, just upgrade the item with a mark and they become a little better. It’s very nice stuff for its level. And the armor you can find have some really interesting features to them. A level 8 armor with earthen guard (chance to proc stone skin which is terrific for that level and it also have +4 con) or with u8 a level 12 armor that have some kind of knock down feature guard on it. Very interesting.

Over all the items are not pure super duper. There’s a thought behind them to keep them from blowing the power creep sonic wall but still find a valid place in your over all gear plan. U8 might be P2P but it’s a perfect reason for F2P people to at least get U8 so they can get use of those new named items.

I have to hand it to Turbine. When Red fen hit and later on the new Chrono raid my whole gear plan was completely thrown out the window. I could safely say that instead of so many different green steel items I found some epic items that appealed to my over all build instead. And now with u7 and u8 I’m inclined to say that leveling is going to be really fun for that 8-16 range.

Thank you for taking focus away from green steel as the only viable option and hopefully we can see more of this without feeling that unless you have green steel and epic gear you’re not really in the tier 1 league.


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