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I like U7 and U8 stuff.

I’ve been busy leveling my half orc fighter from 14 to 17 and in the interim also getting some stuff from update 7 and update 8 upgraded. Including 2 weapons for my ranger, 1 for my FvS and 1 for my half orc fighter. That’s why I’m fairly close to leveling up my half orc but haven’t made overly much progress due to running so many U7 and U8 quest with either capped toons or a lot over level with my half orc.

I managed to level from 14 to 15 by doing explorer. I used to do wilderness slayer runs – to the point I almost swore by them but I find them slow and ineffective now when there are so many more quests between 5-13 – effectively getting you over that hump that was always there around level 10.

But explorer as I found out is a good way of getting the first couple of hundreds of slayer about half the rare encounters and the explorer plus bonus that stacks up to a decent amount. All for less or around an hour per complete run. I got 41k from Vale – ran it at 14 with my sword of fury wielding half orc and healed adequately by a FvS hireling, then 15k for GH; it’s generally a lot more but I had already done some explorer and rare and finally 30k plus from Orchard.

Most rare at that level net around 750-1000 XP, you’ll hit 100 slayer easily (and sometimes more) for many thousands of XP and the explorers are generally close to 500 XP each with a bonus when hitting all. That will get you a pretty sum for XP equal to several high end quests and something a well geared and leveled char can run. I would wait until you’re confident you can pull it off, as long as you do it within the wilderness level range.

As update 8 was released I’ve managed to upgrade several items including a vengeful sword of fury (adds a 10% proc to hit my half orc with a 30 second rage), 2 shorts words of Vampiric sword of Fury (gave one to my ranger and one to my FvS) and one Petrifying Hooked Blade.

 I toyed around with the idea of adding Vampiric to the blade of fury (half orc) or maiming, but I decided for Vengeful, since it’s nice to have such a relatively reliable proc and no need to use pots.. I’m combining this with the new light armor that adds +5 Reflex save and haste guard. I don’t have enough AC to worry about using jump and swim restricting heavy armor and the haste proc is a nice thing to have in dicey situations.

My ranger either use his con op Khopesh in combination with the short sword (con damage galore) or the limbchopper Khopesh with the short sword. They’re not as useful in end game content because DPS is always a lot more useful, but it serves a purpose even if it’s more on the niche side. I’d love to pull the pick and add maiming to it and do epic and combine that with the Hooked blade to see if it works on epic critters and if not a GS pick of straight earth for earthgrab. The damage from the pick is pretty darn high with its x4 crit and with hold monster (from caster) or earthgrab it translates into awesome amount of crit damage. Especially since the pick have Screaming, Thundering and added maiming. That’s 1d6 for the screaming part (although the critter might have sonic resist), 3d8 sonic on crit for Thundering and 3d6 untyped on crit for Maiming.  I can see that being a big hit in Epic quests.

My FvS use the con damaging shortsword for the express purpose of lowering critters con so it’s easier to destruct them, but again it’s a niche at best since blade barrier is more useful.


Complexity is a weird thing

I used to think that my FvS was complicated in the sense that I needed the wherewithal to use all those scrolls, mass heals etc to be functional. And you do. Being able to switch between different heal options (1 for heal, 2 for heal mass, 3 for free cure light, 4 for heal scroll etc) makes a huge different. And the difference between having to raise someone or simply keep them standing up. Then there’s making sure I have the torc on, my all immunity helmet, the right metas for the job, buffs etc.

It’s a cockpit checklist where forgetting one thing means the difference between taking a bunch of damage I didn’t have to (even negative levels) or not.

Then once in a while making sure I have all the mats for my spells. I ran with a Wizard once (epic) who forgot to get spell components for his hold and another important spell (haste I think) and that was awkward considering that we were running a very intense epic quest.

Then playing my ranger the complexity level shrank somewhat but now it involves having the right arrow loaded, right equipment on etc for the job. Like 3 different sets of weapons, making sure I have my 14 minute shield clickie going, buffs and to switch between different DR breaking weapon for the job. Not as intense as my FvS but still requiring an idea of what I need.

As a contrast it was a lot easier to play my half orc fighter. Was. In the beginning there was this thing called hitting cleave when surrounded. Making sure I used the fighter haste boost when going into a big fight and if I ran low on HP – drink a pot. That was it. Take off power attack if I can’t hit stuff and on if I can. Then swing away.

Now it’s turning into another airplane checklist before a scrap. Power attack on – check. Brawn spirit rage – check. Power surge (love me that 1 minute Kensie II +8 Strength clickie) – check. Time sensing goggle mass haste clickie – check. Fighter haste boost – check.

If you don’t think that’s useful you haven’t seen a fully hasted and boosted half orc doing it’s thing yet. It’s like the difference between a fully raged barbarian or not. It’s killing things with 2 swings within a nano second or not. And it’s worth the clicks and checks.

I’m pretty good at it. I’ll drink a haste pot whenever I get in a semi large scrap, hit the fighter boost when needed and go full blown killing machine when it counts. Even with a pointy stick I’ll dish out pain. No, this isn’t some kind of lame ‘I am the King of DPS’. It’s clear that unless I have a TR under my belt and fully green steeled I’m not going to match some of the players out there.

But until TR’s could pick up their green steel I could easily outmatch their DPS. And that’s the point of a half orc fighter now isn’t it? Unless I can dish out DPS there’s no real point of being one. Now I’m just steps behind well equipped TR’s because I’m getting the hang of it. The clicks that is. And it’s almost as bad as being a FvS – who said being a killing machine didn’t involve some work.

On a different note; I tanked Horoth with my ranger yesterday. It was a strange run. No pure fighters or Barbarians. Only a bunch of casters, rangers and monks. And one monk recalled by mistake (managed to hit the unfortunate /death by getting into the speech box and up arrow somehow to his last command). And he was the original tank.

Then the tank we picked ended up losing the agro all the time including dying frequently so I had to take over.

I never died; my healer was awesome and my healing amp made it easy for him.

But the end result was that all three healers/casters drank a lot of pots. One man short, no real massive DPS but we survived despite 3-4 deaths. Yup – at one point I had ground Horoth down to about 45%-50% and he was back to 100% almost moments later.

Afterwards my green steel was on its last leg but we managed. I pulled the thief acrobat ring (just as I pulled a healer ring last time) so the tempest one still eludes me. I let someone roll on it since I’m not that interested in that ring just because.

The worst was of course for the healers. They wasted all those pots and didn’t even get a +4 tome to show for it (or ring). Those times are the worst.

But unlike the run the day before with tons of high DPS toons we, the middle men managed despite all odds and with a ranger as a tank. Weird world.