My luck in running the shroud goes from ‘I would like something in part 4’ to ‘no large devil scales for 10 runs on 3 capped toons’.

I try to run shroud once a day. 1 Ranger, 1 FvS and 1 Fighter. I had the pleasure of running a shroud the other day in a almost all guild run (on my fighter). It was me and like a Brazilian guy and 10 from the same guild. It could have been fun if the raid leader wasn’t one of those guys with a mic, a total hot mess that thought it was inspiring to berate someone over the mic.

It was entirely hilarious considering that his guildies were the reason why we re-prepped the lieutenants 4 times in part 2. The best he could say was ‘come on’ but he spent a massive amount of time open mic complaining about the caster (from Brazil) who probably wasn’t clear what he wanted with his motor mouth.

He then got on my @ss in part 5. First blubbering about not hitting the Orc (I thought oh we’re saving him) so I started hitting the next closest (the kittie) and he started screaming like a Banshee. Turned out that during his ranting he had said to save the kittie but confused me with his ranting about the Orc later on. My fault was that I was tuning him out (like I do with the kids and my wife sometimes). It’s an automatic feature of mine. Years of marriage have perfected it. When irrelevant information comes in my brain automatically reroute most of my sensorial input in the form of sound waves into ‘oh look, a flower’.

When the guild leader then asked me if I had speakers, implied if I knew what I was doing I wanted so badly to tell him to spent less time worrying about my abilities and get an alternative form of communication and talk with his guildies that way. Or better yet – the guy who was obviously foreign (Brazilian caster) – type what you want. I bet that he would read instructions better than the 20 miles an hour motor mouth.

I didn’t say that of course. I had no reason to pick a pointless fight and start and drama since I just wanted to complete. Some times completing is better than starting drama. Drama only seems to consume everyone’s energy.

That’s why I like the groups where people can die and we know it was because stuff happens and we know we can fix it. Those are groups that are not fanatics on details and want to have fun instead. That’s their primary goal. How we get there is just par for the course since people who don’t worry about the minutia also play a good game.


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