The circular argument

There’s something really idiotic when I feel it’s much more fun to TR one of my toons than to grind epic, ToD and shroud. No seriously. I’ve done it before – it’s like smearing meat juice all over your hand and sticking in front of the neighborhood dog that hates you. The ONLY thing you look forward to is level 11 and 12. That’s when you can start using greensteel again.

I’d imagine it’s also fresh for the first 4-6 levels. When you level relatively quickly and you can actually do things without a full group.

I don’t know why those thoughts enters my head; grinding the same epic quest over and over or grinding XP? You know the bad part? When you finally cap again you’re back at the same dilemma that got you here 20 levels ago; do I grind for Epic or for XP.

I don’t want easy buttons. Like much easier to get the epic stuff. I just want a reason to do it. Like advanced levels or even epic feat by getting Epic XP. You know – a carrot. A reason NOT to TR to feel some kind of progress again.

Or better yet; a high end wilderness full of quests – how about random quests? Something anyone high level enough can do and feel like fresh.

But I probably do something stupid and TR instead and spend the next month or so grinding XP until I realize why I thought that was worse than Epic grinding.


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