Some checks

A couple of intense days playing have resulted in 2 Epic items (after running Epic from time to time until now). The ironic thing is that I bought a scroll of ringleader for 300k, pulled it not that long after I started farming for Carnival scrolls (looking for Antique greataxe). After farming it for 2 days (and probably a good 6 real hours) I had pulled 3 scrolls total and the greataxe scroll. So now my Horc have 2 Epic items and a decent enough DR breaker. Esos is far far away but with a Li II greataxe (soon) and teh Antique great axe I’m pretty much covered until then.

I’ve also run a few refuge mission – need Prey and SoS and finally will have DT armor for my horc. I don’t know what runes to get for him but I’m thinking Heavy fort, heal amp +20% (or the salt guard) and destruction or another guard like earth grab.

I’ve also done tons of other Epics including Chronosphere. Perhaps the most difficult one if you’re unfortunate enough running into several Abashai.

I’ve hade better luck with complete runs than farming runs, especially since farming is usually done with a smaller group and therefore more likely to get ambushed and fail.


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