Lets get this one right

Whenever there’s new content and events there are certain items that I immediately try to fit into my builds. And keep in mind that I already have an eye on what I’m looking for, making new content and events a monkey wrench in a otherwise fine tunes machinery. Like Mabar. Sure – it turned out to be boring grind – not because the items were bad but because the raid mechanic and how the raid popped up was and still is broken.

Grind is one thing; ever tried to pull a bloodstone? But its twice as worse when you don’t have any control over the most important features such as when you can run a quest. Every 3 days for a raid and every day for a Epic quest. Those are the current limits that I operate under. But I know about when my raid timer is out so I don’t have to sit around waiting for it. I’m fully capable of running everything else. But the new event mechanics scream of having to participate. That’s why Mabar felt so awful in the end; we were scant few that did the grinding for turn ins just so others could pour in after all that time to do the final raid. So in the very beginning it took an hour or 2 per raid and in the end it was every 4-5 hours if that. That leaves you with the pointless grind.

In Mabar it was killing critters. In droves. Over and over for turn ins. And over and over. So you could run a failed raid because we couldn’t fill a complete group. Sure – the group could fail. It was fully possible. Or you could leave if the raid never filled and keep the key. But I had a stack of keys and if I left it meant waiting another 5 hours for the opportunity.

The new mechanic is slightly better. First – it’s not a raid and secondly there’s a control in just how difficult you want to run it. It scales well for solo and for smaller groups. The grind is still there. Something like 20k turn ins in order for the quest to spawn. And it’s slightly better because in all that killing pirates you might also come across treasure chest; a innocent diversion that adds flavor in all the monotonous killing. But the biggest issue is still there; grinding for turn ins. And as soon as the majority of people have done their early crafting they’ll do what they did with Mabar; go do something else while other people grind just to join together in the final time to run the quest part then drop out and wait until the next time. We grind, they get the benefit of doing the quest.

Just skip the whole turn in. It doesn’t work as intended. It doesn’t motivate people to run the whole event that much more or spend more resources. It motivates people to wait until the quest is open and let others do the heavy lifting.

Just run it every 1-2 hours. People who want everything will still make everything. It will probably mean that more people stick around for the grind as they only have to wait so long. I would. If I can run it every single or 2 hours I would stick around, figure out strategies and try them out. If I only get a shot at it every 4-5 hours it’s very unlikely I will try different strategies; I’ll look for full group and make sure I get the max out of it every single time.

Please lets motivate people to enjoy the event and not hate what it becomes. I like it. I like the settings, I like the random chests (it’s like OMG what can it be???) and I love the quest. No stupid puzzles, just tactics. Thinking on the go. Master timing changing where you put your torches. Explore new tunnels and be ready to double back to save the day. Coordinate with friends and develop working strategies. Try out higher and higher difficulty settings when you know what you’re doing for better challenges. Also enjoy and look forward to the next opportunity instead of dread the time it’ll take you to get there.

The turn in mechanic simply de-motivates all the features the event promotes and eventually you’ll see post after post how the massive and relentless grinding kills the game.

In its current form the one week of the event feels like 2 life times of grinding for large devil scales and ToD rings. It’s just that bad. That’s a lot of heavy grinding in a very limited time and almost soul rending in its mind numbness.


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