The scar from Mabar

Today I ran Deleras. For that great axe. So I have a good axe when one of my guys TR. Because what else am I going to do after the event and when I finally round off the gear I want? Grind Epics? There’s a Epic reboot rumored. I know, rumored might be true, but what starts today might take years before it happens.

There’s also several PrE’s including Sorc very soon and a FvS by update 10. So do I want to wait until then (to TR my FvS) and perhaps level up a sorc when Update 9 hits?

The true culprit is that I’m odd man running quests for specific loot since I’m at a standstill at what I can do. Unlocked Amrath potions for my Ranger and want to do the same for my Horc and FvS. But is that really the big goal I have in mind as a dread the next Epic run for that scroll or seal?

I just want to get stuff done, but I keep running in circles by doing the same raids over and over and it’s not that fun.

I do want the event to hit…so I can grind more but I have a feeling that at the end of the event I’ll be ‘good riddance’. Is that so bad?


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