Things that make me go boom

Are you about to TR? Do you need some really good low end stuff to take you through the first 10 levels? We all know that raw power is nice; starting with 20 in str and 16 or so in Con is always a good thing, but reality is that having good gear is always an extension of a good player. That’s why my 32 point builds are on par with TR’s.

But the reality is that low level stuff is generally not very premium and once we got those ice burst kits I think a lot of us were stupid enough to reserve the them for our mid to high end random stuff. And realized that most things are immune against cold damage and that we were soon wielding green steel. I figured later on that the true benefit of the ice burst kits are on mid to low level items.

What I’ve noticed more than anything is that there are tons of really good low level random drops as end rewards in places like the Droaam series, Red Fen and I even got a level 1 longsword of acid out of the steam tunnels. Of course – with Chronosphere you have many great named items, but the key is still those first 1-5 levels and getting a running start.

Enter the ring I pulled as end reward from doing the entire Droaam series (the one that ends with the green Hag). I noticed a ring before; +4 Dex but that was when I wanted to pull the Khopesh so naturally I took the weapon. Level 1 +4 Dex ring. Now that’s sweet. So running the series today I pulled a +4 Str ring – level 1.

That’s outstanding. Not only because it’s something that last a long time (the best you can expect at level 1 are +2 ability items and most likely +1). This will do me fine for at least 5-6 levels. Of course pulling the Dex ring would be nice as well. Perfect for a 2wf Fighter or Ranger. Even Rogue.

Combine that with the Khopesh I pulled a while back.  Level 2 Keen – now with ice burst kit. Or the level 5 greatsword (end reward out of Red Fen) pure good with Ghost touch. Ice bursted that one as well.

Notice; level 5. All other weapons generally unlocks on even level numbers and items on odd.

Level 5 means Necro 1. And Ghost touch mean uncorporeal slaughter. Add pure good and ice burst.

Yes – I do look forward to TRing my Ranger and Fighter. And I’m thinking about waiting until the do the Epic reboot since right now they’re experimenting with a new quest level system (see Crystal Cove). If that translates to all quests then it’s going to be awesome (key seems to be the ability to go into a quest on any level – to low and you get nothing but it all depends if it’s artificially looked so many levels above you).


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