Do anyone out there built to hit not so hard?

What’s heavy DPS?

The reason why I haven’t had the chance to run certain quests is that some LFMs have started to ask for heavy DPS. As suppose to regular DPS that is. Ironically by people who seem to think that you can only get heavy DPS from Monks, Barbarians and Fighters. Anything else isn’t heavy DPS.

I’ve seen rogues lead in kills due to their sneak attack and I generally lead in kills on my Ranger in most quests. If it’s Epic I can autocrit kill faster than most builds, simply because at that time it’s all about crit DPS. And if I crit faster around 190+ or someone crit slower around 280+ I usually comes out ahead. On top of that I have multi arrows. That’s 4 arrows (that hits pretty much everything that’s lined up) that hits every tick for 20 seconds. Plus as a Tempest III I have a 100% hit chance on my off chance, unlike the 80% chance for anyone else (GTWF). Add to that the ability to self heal reliably around 75 HP without Superior Ardon and 130 HP with and I get 40-50 HP from a cure serious potion (I have the entire heal amp enhancement line, 20% on my ToD ring and the Epic gloves of the claw for 30%). I also have 2 con op items and if I want too, the torc. That will help me regenerate lost SP for self healing. In other words, I’m usually the last person standing when the so called heavy DPS falls first.

With rage, madstone double rage, rams might and Jurgondal’s collar (or whatever) I’ll crit for around 150+ with my Khopeshes and 190+ with my picks. I usually use my earthgrab picks in Epics but can easily switch over to a Min II and my Con Op Khopesh if needed. I’m looking to make a pair of Li II weapons too – don’t know if they’re going to be picks or Khopeshes but I’ve seen them in action and it’s pretty darn effective DPS. And I’m eventually going to add a earth grab bow to my Li II and I’m also wanting to make a Epic collapsible short bow for the additional crit range and force burst effect.

The question I have to ask is this; what’s heavy DPS? Is it the effect of someone knowing that heavy DPS means fully raged barbarian or is it the misconception that someone THINKS it’s the barbarians. It’s no question that pound for pound barbarians, monks and fighters might hit harder. But it’s really not a superior advantage in Epic. In fact pound for pound my Ranger only lose the kill score to a two weapon fighting DPS build that use LI II weapons due to the much higher damage when the Lightning strike procs.

I would probably have about similar score if I also used those weapons. But I’m also trying to auto crit critters that is not held, such as casters that are being danced, using my earth grab picks. I’ll let others handle held critters. It’s part of the strategy of avoiding excessive damage and no healer have to nanny me due to myself heal ability and if they do need to heal me they’re going to get a lot for their SP.

It’s not the first time this have happened. And because my rangers name is Rapidshotta (I was toying about using a repeater as shooter for a while but I was always going to make it tempest, plus I was inspired by the awesomeness of many shot) a lot of people assume that I’m AA.

But that doesn’t explain heavy DPS. I personally assume that all DPS is heavy – I don’t think anyone build around having light DPS, unless they’re not really DPS specced. Like my FvS. True, I can cast a mean blade barrier but I’ve really worked to boost his DC on his Symbol of Persuasion. So much that I like to Solo ADQ1 (at least for farming seals) by having critters drop into the scorpion pit and then using a symbol on them to see if I can charm something and have them slug it out. For most part it works but I think I will be even more successful if I manage to boost it 2-3 more points.

My half orc is pure ‘heavy’ DPS. I either use a Epic Antique Great Axe or a Li II. With his +8 str Kensei II boost, the strength boost from Titan gloves and his higher strength he’ll crit around 300+ on a good day, but swinging a axe is certainly slower than 2 weapons. Plus he’s at the mercy of the healer in the group. And I don’t have much problem getting picked up in Epic groups with him.

This is ironic since I started out doing the Epic red fen chain and then asked if I could switch to my ranger. The leader at the time asked why when he heard it was my tempest ranger. After running with him tho I managed to do very well and he was indispensable dealing with the scorpions in Epic claw (earth grab weapons are king in there since you can’t hold scorpions, only get them stuck in a high DC web).

I guess I’ll have to keep on looking for the answer about ‘heavy’ DPS until someone can define it. Because where I stand it’s more what someone believe to be heavy DPS as suppose to what a good build can actually deliver.


3 thoughts on “Do anyone out there built to hit not so hard?

  1. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    I think the general theory is it’s harder to make a gimp barbarian compared to a rogue. People are lazy, and if they don’t know a character, they go the easy route. That may be at play here. That said, it’s wonderful to have a well-built, well-equipped two-weapon rogue around, because they are murder. 🙂

  2. patang01

    Tell me about it. I ran a Elite mindsunder PUG the other day and the rogue in the group where sneak one-killing everything in sight. It was hilarious to listen to him ‘role playing’ it and laughing (he said that he had a legal weed permit too so the laughing could have been heavily influenced by that as well) as he left a trail of ‘murder’ behind him.

    If that’s not heavy DPS I don’t know what is…


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