In a sea of blue and silver

Once upon a time there was a sea of blue; Dragon touch blue. With silver. And life was good. Then they released kits. And the sea changed, but not a lot. I was personally interested in changing my outfit to look different but honestly – some of the kits just made things look even worse.

Then green came, and I changed my ranger and FvS to the two different green ones while my Horc fighter got the heavy DT with a gold/purple kit and that two horned gold helmet kit. And things were better.

The truth is that I really wanted to look like a ninja. Because they had that ninja mask kit in the turbine store. However there was no kit or armor that made that one look good. Until black kits arrived.

True – alot of people have them now. The sea that was once blue is slowly turning black. Black pirate hats and black kits.

I did it. I got the new event plate for my horc, black kit for both armor and hat and suddenly he looked like a tough pirate lord or captain. At first he was single – now the black sea is turning him into one of many.

I added the black vestment looking kit to my rangers DT vestment and the ninja hood kit over his pirate hat. And now I have a ninja looking ranger. More so when I use my light picks and it’s good. I haven’t seen that combo yet but I’m sure I will.

And since my FvS got a event plate as well I added another green kit, making it look gold and green and with his green steel spiky helmet it actually doesn’t look so bad. Except for the red mustache that is kind of bleeding through the front of the helmet.

I use the dagger, which looks okay and the event shield. Just wish I could change the look of that shield instead of the plain round. Just to look different.

All in all I’m pretty happy with my group and soon I’ll have another addition to my capped guys; a two weapon fighting fighter and we’ll see what kind of look he can get. Bio to come.


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