Rift, not for me

Rift looks really good. And I’m a sucker for good looking. But not sucker enough if it also do not appeal to what I like. But Rift looked interesting just as Lotro did to me when it was made F2P. But then I saw something that turned me off (and the reason why I love DDO). Button mashing. Like Lotro you don’t ‘move’ like a first person shooter. You walk up and click buttons. That’s all you do. Time pressing lots of buttons. Granted, I push buttons too in DDO, like buffing or using clickies, but most of the time I simply Hit stuff by clicking or holding down the left mouse button.

And then maneuver around.

I can live with less pretty. Rift looked interesting and the idea of rifts anywhere and a landscape that might change according to a open rift and how it spreads, but I have no desire to turn it into another button mashing boredom. Like I would say a clear majority of all MMOs are.


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