Amrath made easy

Adding toughness to the shield makes me only marginally more survivable but what’s really cool is the con op, torc and demon shield. I was having so much fun running Amrath rare and basically taking very little damage due to HP proc and I didn’t even have to shrine because of the insane SP procs. To put it mildly – I might not be able to hit worth a gnat, but as long as I can nuke it, I’m in good shape. Orthons are my best type of dynamo. As you run them around a blade barrier they’re all to happy shooting you with their repeaters. Add 4-5 of them and you take 1-2 in damage and every 3-4 hits you have SP and/or HP. Only in close combat can it get a little dicey since their cleaves do more damage in a couple of hits than the temporary HP can resist. So I get smacked for some damage, throw a free cure light for 50-150 in HP and dance them around the blade barriers until maggots fly out and victory is mine.

The benefit of more HP comes when a critter manage to hold you somehow. Be it paralyze, grab or whatever it takes (stone). That usually means that you’ll be stuck like that for a bit so having the extra margin is a good thing. Plus there’s always that crazy meteor storm or death ray or whatever things hit you with.

While a lot of HP is always important and especially for DPS, it does help and it does make a difference in some instances. Like exploding bats and such in VOD – being able to take a hit while you’re loading a mass heal is the difference between a hard time and possible fail and success.

I still want a divine caster. I think I’m right there now. Maybe a few more spells, maybe some improvements and enhancement and sharpening of nuking skills for end game. I don’t want the other rout; to be able to hit better. I’ve basically built my FvS for healing and nuking. And he’s useless nuking in epic quests. Like most casters are. Other than hold, dance and maybe stone, casting is reduced to heals and holds. And swinging the pew pew stick around (dreamsplitter).


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