SP proof

I had a dilemma. I wanted a con op item on my FvS since my ranger (yeah I know) have 2 and it’s very good when soloing pretty much anything. A self healing ranger with something like 100% heal amp, 2 con op and a torc is a SP and self heal dynamo. My healer have the torc and it’s good, but I always wanted a con op for that additional proc.

Torcs are better; they proc more often than con op, but in though situations and my complete desire to be able to heal and dish out divine pain leaves me running dry a lot quicker than I want which means that I have to stand there blocking waiting for the torc to proc.

I also wanted some HP and maybe something else. The dilemma I had wasn’t having enough mats; that’s a matter of buying or pulling. No it was where. I use the glacial bracers for the cold shield and archmage. I thought about changing it and put archmage on a pirate hat when (if) the event comes back, but the bracers have spell pen as well and my GS helmet is a straight all immunities which is really nice to have.

That would mean that I had to deal with all those annoying effects which is no big deal as a healer. One heal later and they’re all gone but fear always sucks as you can’t do squat when that happens. Plus deathblock when you’re deathward is blown away.

Removing my bracers to add con op left me with 2 big holes to fill and that’s always a hassle. Then a meteor storm struck me; what about my gloves? I use the healing gloves out of the reavers raid. They’re good for a healer since they add some skills but most of all the healing lore itself. I can craft that into a pair of gloves and the skills are not a big deal for me. Drop a mass heal before everyone shrine and there’s no real acute need for heal skill.

So my idea was this – I would add blind and disease immunity as teir 1 (if I would ever feel like replacing my helmet), HP for tier 2 and superior lore (which is major lore for realz) as tier 3 with con op as the overall primary bonus.

Of course – something got screwed up during the tier 1 crafting; instead of the immunities I got fortitude resistance. Which is not bad per say but not exactly what I planned for. That made me nervous when crafting tier 2 and 3. There’s nothing like taking 15 minutes to craft 2 tiers just to make sure I don’t mess that up.

No more mistake later and I had con op, major healing, 15 more HP and fortitude resistance. Not bad.

I always take my new stuff for a test run. There’s nothing more disappointing than to craft something (although I already know con op works) to find out it’s below your expectation. And indeed, it was even above my expectation. I didn’t think about it, but con op isn’t just a SP proc. It can also proc temporary HP. I already have that on my event plate; the demon shield. It procs fairly often and adds 30 HP, but it’s easily outstripped when you get hit by high end critters. Sure – it’ll stop some of the damage, but then you’ll down to taking real damage right away.

Con op and shields stack; suddenly I was proccing SP left and right and had a steady temporary HP of 40-60 HP. That’s not bad. If I block I’ll add the shield DR to my already high DR (I’m FVS so one of my feats add 10/cold iron). Taking 5 or so HP out of my temporary HP won’t hurt me none and seeing my SP come back 17-30 SP every 4-5 hits is not bad at all.

Now all I need is one more epic token and I can add the toughness augment to my event shield. It’ll add 20 more HP that’s similar to the Minos legen and stacks with other types of additional HP (like GS elemental HP) but not other toughness HP. That with the gloves gives me a FvS that can do his thing and not fear about instant death.

I can’t wait for the divine caster PRE to be released, rumored to be included in Update 10, right after the first sorcerer PRE in update 9. I hope so anyways. The devs asked the community if they wanted the divine caster or the divine melee and there was probably a good 50/50. I personally see more benefit with the divine caster. There are already buck loads of melee out there and releasing a divine melee would make most FvS change over to that and that usually means you get sausage melee healers that are frankly a liability at times. I know – I don’t mind battle clerics that know what they’re doing, but despite what some say – very few know how to do it. I see so many ESoS FvS melee that quite simply just add liabilities to the rest of the group,  again, if they can pull it off fine, but some are just not built for it. Most ESoS FvS are WF with low SP and I’ve been in raids where the frontline FvS ran out of SP right away and had me pull the rest of the group through everything.

There are however no divine caster worth speaking of. I know it’ll require some new divine spells so that divine casters can be viable in Epic, but I’m sure they will (or rather hope). That would make it a lot more fun and add a reason to look for a divine caster in a sea of arcane casters.

I really don’t think we need more melee. There’s absolutely no shortage on DPS. The same cannot be said about divine casters. And I don’t see a divine caster compromise the healing in any way shape and form since a divine caster wouldn’t shortchange SP the way most divine melee does.


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