Angel of Vengeance

So the Angel of Vengeance 2 first tiers are out and I can’t wait until I can try them out on Lamannia. Hopefully they’ll wipe the old characters away so I can upload my current build with gear to make it justice.

I don’t seem to have to change a great many things but I might end up with slightly fewer Sp as a result of this shift or somewhat lesser effective in others; I doubt I need to do a lesser reincarnation and maybe only shift 1 or 2 feats. We’ll see.

Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance I
Level 6 Favored Soul, Favored Soul Smiting II, Favored Soul Energy of the Scion II, and any one of the following: Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Heighten Spell, Spell Focus: Conjuration, or Spell Focus: Evocation
Cost: 4 AP
Benefit: The only thing stronger than your faith is the fire you use to burn away those who stand against the will of the gods. Enemies that strike you have a chance of suffering divine condemnation rendering them vulnerable to divine attacks, and you project a 15 meter Aura of Menace, decreasing the saving throws, attack, and armor class of nearby enemies by 2. You deal 20% additional damage with spells that deal fire, physical, or untyped damage, and can name an ally your ‘Champion’, transferring your shield of condemnation to them and damaging opponents that strike them in melee.

Shield of Condemnation
Enemies that strike you have a chance of suffering divine condemnation, increasing their vulnerability to light and alignment-based damage by 20%, and decreasing their fortification by 10%. This debuff stacks up to 5 times, and is dispelled by Bless effects.

Name Champion
You name an ally your Champion. Several Angel of Vengeance abilities target your Champion. You can only have one Champion at a time, and it must be another player or a hireling in your party, or a monster which you have personally summoned.

Crown of Retribution
You transfer your Shield of Condemnation to your Champion as long as they remain within your Aura of Menace. Enemies that strike your Champion while this is active also take 1d8+1 points of light damage from your divine wrath.

Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance II
Prereqs: level 12 favored Soul, favored soul smiting III, Favored soul energy of the scion III, Favored soul angel of Vengeance I, and one of: Silver Flame exorcism, unyielding sovereignty, undying call, Bladesworn Transformation, or Vulkoors avatar

Cost: 2 AP

Benefit: Your wrath against those who stand against you continues to grow. Your aura of menace now lowers spell resistance by 2. You now deal XX% additional damage with spells that deal fire, physical, or untyped damage. You can create a small lantern archon that hovers over your shoulder, damaging foes within your Aura of Menace with beams of light.

Summon Archon benefit: A small lantern archon hover over your shoulder and attacks nearby enemies. This archon is indestructible, deals 1 to X / caster level light damage every 2 seconds, and uses your light amplification effects for its light beam attack. This archon will only attack enemies that have already been damaged, and will not attack fascinated or hypnotized foes, and always attacks the enemy with the fewest hit points in range. All threat generated by the archon is applied to you.

It’s a proc effect. If you as FvS gets hit it can proc that debuffs enemy critters within a certain radius. Some debuffs stack (the more it proc) and can be dispelled by a bless. It’s considered a bane effect so there should be a save against it. The latern Archorn seems like a really cool idea. Wounded critters in your aura will get shoot by pretty much a light beam (laser) that depends on your level and also how much light damage enhancements you have. With light amplification I would assume your enhancements, but it would be interesting if it was also enhanced by your gear, such as potency or even brilliance. The aura also enhanced your fire, physical and untyped damage. So are we talking about hitting and spells? Now that would be interesting since the Aura can lower both AC and save and if it’s physical as well I assume combat oriented FvS would like to use it. Personally I’m more a in the thick of things seeing my SP regenerate as they hit me; so that indestructible Archon is going to be real fun, considering enemies will either take damage from my guard effects, blade barriers or whatever else I use. And have a laser mean archon menacing wounded critters is just fun. I don’t know if the beam is going to be visible, but it would be funny if it’s like searing lights because every two seconds this thing would be blasting something.

With tier 2 the damage effect also increases (of the aura) so that would make blade barriers and such more powerful. This won’t change the dynamics of end games. Epic in especially since a little light damage won’t stop Epic creatures and blade barriers are just not worth it – but blade barriers are already effective in Amrath and this will make them even more potent.

I just did a rainbow dry run to see how different it is and I can tell you that it’s a ton easier with the right gear. I generally have to stop and let them smack me around for a while to ‘dynamo’ up. This time it was a lot quicker. Plus the damage was really minimal with the HP procs.

I just ask myself why I didn’t consider con op earlier and why I made such a point out of letting my ranger get them, since he barely use them anymore other than the torc.

And here’s a guy where SP is functionally more important than my rangers ability to self heal since I really don’t do gear runs anymore.

BUT – when the new crafting system comes out I sure will. If we can indeed make items to sell (based on whatever is in our inventory) I’m going to gladly go huntin’ in the wilderness for anything. I would imagine I’ll vacuum 4 different wilderness – GH, Amrath, Vale and Necro to see what I can pull but since you can certainly do it with all levels I assume there’s reason to go low too – such as searing heights or the hills for some low end stuff to satisfy lowbies. Assuming that you can vendor it. If you can’t it’ll be a disappointing revelation.


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