Divine caster PrE in update 9…say what???

So it seems that update 9 is going to see two tiers of the divine caster Pre. That’s good news. It seems to be an aura that can be transferred to a assigned champion. It consists of debuffs that proc when hit and they stack to a certain degree. Second tier further enhance that and also (possibly since that one had a code on it) the ability to summon a archon.

It’s not more spell slots but it does enhance damage (when procced) of all divine (such as light) and even un-typed damage. In other words blade barriers get a boost.

The problem with divine casters or FvS in average is that they simply don’t have enough spells. It’s very hard to see me take comet fall since it would make it impossible to take basic buffs. In a way I was hoping for like one more spells slot so I would have at least 4 in everything and more flexibility, but it seems that it’s going to be an aura and even harder for me to find the new aura useful with the spells I use, since the downside is that I might have to remove certain pivotal buffs.

I’m still going to take advantage of it and having a slightly more damaging blade barrier is cool, but it’s not Epic end game stuff. The debuffs can be; like a negate -2 save on Epic critters, but they still get a save and we all know what that means epic wise. In other words – 20% more damage on a blade barrier or comet fall is still completely worthless in Epic. And the debuffs can be removed with a enemy bless and I guess you’ll see more monsters shooting off blesses left and right.

I did a new invasion using my new setup and it’s night and day compared to before with my FvS. Before I ran mostly invisible, now I simply plowed on and blade barriers when I was dragging around to many enemy critters. And even when smacked around, dropped down my air elementals or tripped, I did just fine because of my con op, demon shield and torc. SP galore (never ran dry) and temporary HP.

I didn’t pull anything good, but it was a dry run to see if my new setup worked and it did.

I’m almost (just almost) curious if a second con op (you can do a con op weapon and it doesn’t double your proc chance but it gives you two chances for every hit) would hit the spot. It does with my ranger (when I use it) and I would imagine it would be even more useful with my Favored Soul. I almost wish I could deconstruct my green steel or make it BTA (BTC on equip) and give my fvs the con op weapon instead just to check.

Also, and this is very cool – a new crafting system where you can take one feature of a item, say paralyzing and make it into a ‘shard’ and I assume put it on another item. There are going to be limitations for sure, but I hope it will be broad enough to add some flexibility so more cool stuff can be created. And that it’s unbound. I’d love to learn how to craft and create some nice stuff for me and vendor the rest for others. I’d even make it cheap enough (as long as I factor in the cost for me) or I might even post my stuff in the forum for others to bid on. There are so many times when I simply don’t feel like questing and just do something else and that would be that time.


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