Could we have some more details please?

I understand that the devs don’t want to talk about things that haven’t been nailed down yet; like when people were playtesting one update and found a gateway into the next, red fen, and the devs warned that the items might be subject to change. Makes sense.

But during PAX they already spilled the beans on the FvS Pre and supposedly the Sorcerer Pre and the news about a new adventure pack. All very cool. But they also gave us the greatest teaser of all; a new crafting system with some very interesting potentials.

Please – lets give this a much better playthrough. You already know the details and we don’t. I don’t think you guys are changing much at this point other than fixing bugs. So why not stop the speculation and give us better details on how it actually works? Right now no one knows other than you can take one effect and put it on something else. But not in regards to just what you can take, what’s required for you to take it, how you level up and what the limits are.

Discovery is one thing, but a new crafting system like this is a little bit more than experimenting. It’s about having an idea.

The reason why I ask is simple – I would like to know just how deep we can go. Is it only weapons or is it for everything random? What’s the limit on what I can deconstruct and what I can construct? Can we sell these items we create? What’s the cost? Is it a plat sink to deconstruct and construct? What does Element, Divine and such mean as far as crafting?

There are many unknown here and more details makes it possible for people to get an idea if this is useful for them or not. Especially if this is something people have to buy like a pack. If this is something people have to invest in (not I, I am VIP) then I’m sure they’ll like to know if this is worth their money, just as players probably wanted to know if green steel is worth it before buying Vale. I see potential here, but do I hold onto a bunch of stuff I have in the bank thinking I can use it for something else or am I wasting my time here since the crafting system ‘won’t go there’. I understand that it’s subject to change and that it’s not something that will be released (all of it) in update 9. I can live with that. But giving us more details about something potentially complex and where you see yourself going won’t break the silence; only give me something to look forward to and plan for.


One thought on “Could we have some more details please?

  1. Maelphyn_Maurpeg

    My prediction of the Official Answer:

    Your enthusiasm — and patience — are appreciated. ~ Mgmt.


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