Some more details about Update 9

Found this review snooping around looking for more details. It does contain some spoilers in regards to the new quest pack, more information about the PRE’s (especially the sorcerer) and the crafting.

Sorcerer seems interesting. You get a free casting spell in the element you pick (say fire) and a 2 level bumps in all fire related spells and reversly you get weaker in possible the opposite elements or all (3 level drops). So a sorcerer could become the glaciation expert (with a free cold spell, hopefully something other than the absolute lowest level) but at the same time be a fire inept. Seems like a very interesting trade off.

Crafting seems to be Item level (+5), prefix (paralyzing) Item (Scimitar) suffix (of Pure good). That’s what you can deconstruct. If I take it the right way, if your item has a lot of other things on it you won’t be able to do anything about that. So if your item has say acid and pure good, only the suffix in the item description might be able to be deconstructed. Maybe I say because it’s possible that it has nothing to do with what’s in the description and that all the things that are considered suffix can be pulled.

My guess is that it’s these items only. So I assume that means that you can’t do anything but the same in constructing an item. If you want to add another prefix you’ll replace the one that’s already there. If it’s holy you can replace it with say holy burst. While it gives you some room to perfect items, it might limit items that are already pretty good. Like a pure good holy item and replace both those suffixes with whatever you’re adding. On the other hand you could potentially add a prefix to something that only have a suffix. Or bump up the quality of the item from say +1 to +5, but that would undoubtly also increase the item level.

Then it’s the matter of items, not just weapons. From one picture I’ve see it looks like you can do shields and the many rooms hint of other deconstruct possibilites too. Having the ability to deconstruct everything will be a good thing and how to get the most out of the prefix and suffix limitations will depend greatly on just what kind of item you deconstruct and the limitations on the construction side.


2 thoughts on “Some more details about Update 9

  1. Marupal

    In the announcement for DDOCast #208 there are a bunch of links for different interviews. A couple of pieces for you until you have the chance to get at them.
    For the sorc PRE it sounds like just the opposite school will hurt from your focus.
    In Ten Ton Hammer’s interview they said that for crafting you will be able to pick which aspect you would like to keep: prefix, suffix, + modifier, and even the weapon’s appearance.
    I’m really looking forward to the crafting stuff too. Can’t wait to see how it grows out this year and in the coming years.
    It also sounds like Lamannia will be opening up soon (a week or two) so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to try it out.
    Good luck!

  2. patang01

    I was excited about the previous 2 releases and the pirate event, but this update is just oozing with goodies.


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