Tactilicious #1 – Event Trinkets

I like tactics. I don’t like Epics. I felt I had to write that since there’s nothing tactical about Epics unless of course one single tactic is considered tactical.

But for all other content you’ll find numerous different tactics used to win and profit. Let’s talk Event trinkets; perhaps the most interesting level 4 trinket in the game right now.

 Not terribly powerful but very useful in combination with other items.

So let’s break it down; the Nimble Trinket adds +1 Attack, Plus one AC (Dodge bonus so it stacks) and Dusk. Although right now it seems to be acting as Blurry. Which is absolutely great for a level 4 item. Dusk would normally give you a 10% blur chance unlike blurry which gives you 20.

Bold Trinket adds +1 non stacking damage, +2 Seeker enhancement bonus (should be stacking but apparently don’t) and Shocking blow. That’s 10d6 loaded dices similar to that on charged gauntlets.

Cunning trinket adds +30 SP that stacks (according to the description – right now it adds 50), +1 in Necromancy and Enchantment and Lesser Maximize I.

Finally Stalwart trinket provides +5 stacking HP (but right now it works as 10), 10% stacking fortification and earthen guard.

I personally use the cunning trinket on my FvS for the stacking SP, the necromancy and enchantment bonus is nice but I have better items. And the lesser Maximize is nice but will have a greater impact when the spell adjustment goes live due to the lowering of a lot of spell costs.

I don’t use the nimble trinket (yet) but I will have one in storage for the odd day when I either TR into a rogue or cap a rogue. Stacking AC is always good and have a low level blur item is useful.

The bold trinket is a very interesting item even for high end toons. It’ll work with Epic charged gauntlets (until changed) and is perfect in combination with a +6 Seeker hat and something like Epic claw set. Or as I mentioned, Epic Charged Gauntlet. I use it with my Half Orc fighter; seeker pirate hat plus trinket for seeker bonus, the Epic event gloves upgraded once for the +7 Str bonus and of course the trinket shocking blow for additional DPS.

My Ranger use the trinket in combination with a Seeker pirate hat, Epic claw and rounds off the trinket shocking blow for additional DPS.

The stalwart trinket is a excellent low to mid game trinket, not only for the stacking fortification but for the earthen guard in combination with the event plate.

I currently have a level 2 moderate fort robe that I use until I can start using the moderate fortification pirate hate (level 5). Combine that with the stalwart trinket (level 4) and you have 85% fortification until you can start using a level 9 Heavy fortification item (such as the event pirate heavy fortification hat). That’s better than using the bold trinket and mostly because I have a +4 level 1 strength ring (end reward from the Droaam u8 series) so I don’t need to swap out the gloves with other strength gloves. That allows me to keep on using the charged gauntlets for Shocking blow, the stalwart trinket with its added fortification and earthen guard and the event plate with life shield and false life.

Combine them together and you have a nice blend of DPS and HP/Stone skin procs and a useful set of items until you find something better in either the Droaam series of armor or other trinkets. I’d say around 11 or 12 (if you’re TRing and have banked GS items) or similar for some of the midlevel better gear. In which case I would switch over to the bold trinket for continued DPS via shocking blow.

There are of course a host of other trinkets in the game, but these items can work all the way until cap or until you find something that work better with the gear you have. It’s undeniable that for level 4 items, they’re pretty useful for a big part of the game and even until the very end.


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