Divine Punishment; chalk me down for it

Finally a reason to play my FvS more.  When lam first came up I made sure I got the Pre. Why not? I mean I’ve only waited for it since I first started playing FvS (but to be fair I did fine and noticed how other builds got the ‘cool’ stuff). I ran through wilderness (Vale and Amrath) and quests like Rainbow, a new invasion, invasion and all the new quests. I noticed something; BB didn’t stay up that long, but it casts really fast. Then I read about divine punishment, but I couldn’t get it right away since I had swapped some spells just before lam went live. Until today; lam up – I think – maybe I should check it out?

This spell works like a gem with the Archon, maybe a BB and the aura. Especially if you get smacked and the aura proccs. I tried this out in Epic Depth – a quests that have some nasty fish people but not swarms of it. I didn’t know what to expect – BB works but it takes some major kiting to dwindle them down but divine punishment works like a charm. Let it build up 3 times and have the Archon snipe at whatever you’re killing and they’re done for. Especially if the Aura procs and you get that additional light damage. Since I have both superior potency and smiting 4 and together with greenblade and light/good spells 9% crit enhancement the thing ticked for a good 100 at first, then the second level around 300 and at level 3 upward to 800-900. But you’ll get smacked around standing there timing them. Note that the cooldown is 10 seconds and it lasts for 16 seconds so you have 6 seconds to add another level to it (max 3).

I like the third level animation – it’s a lightbeam coming down from above that bakes the target.

This is going to be very useful in end boss fights with stacking light damage with a good 500-900 per tick if you keep level 3 going.

I generally turn off Max and Empower when healing round 4 in the shroud, but I can see myself trying to aura tick using the Max clickie on the event dagger just to add that extra damage while healing a group. It’s going to be interesting to see how well that pans out. I definately like the idea and the dexterity of that task. But it also reminds me that i should strongly consider making myself another con op item – a weapon this time. While the torque and my con op gloves proc enough a con op weapon of sort together with my event dagger would top it off.

Lets hope they never hit that with a nerf bat.


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