Bags that makes me go meh

I’ve taken some time off from DDO this week. Not just because of family and work but because I got a little burnt out running the event. Plus I do want the full stuff to be released on Lam so I can try out crafting. I rather ‘mess’ up there than doing it live when it counts.

As it seems now it’s going to be a mix of stuff you can get in game or stuff you can get from the store. Like a booster to success (in the case you want to guarantee success or even try to do a little higher than you normally can to get some extra XP out of it). You can also by mats. The pricing isn’t terrible; you can get a stack of this and that for under a buck in real money but the new bags (that have a stacking limit of 10k) reaching up to Gargantuan (yeah the new bigger than huge) is 750 points and STILL BTC.

I think that anything you buy in the store should be BTA. Regardless. I understand why; if the bags were BTA you might want to consider moving them to a alt if you’re not happy with that build, just so you might keep it instead and buy another char slot. Cynical? No – think about it – almost everything else is BTA. But bags for some reason is not.

It almost demotivates you to ‘hand one around’ and motivate you to buy one for all your guys. I wish I could hand one around. And stick it in the shared bank. So I don’t have to have it in my inventory and can just dump it over for anyone to use. I can with medium and even large bags but not the store bought ones.

Look at the pirate event; I refused to buy anything after I noticed that Lam had that seriously flawed collect 10 bazillion map pieces (I know – it was 10k) before they changed it to 5k and later on 3k. Then I spent money – figuring that there was a serious reason to buy hats and spend money on other stuff to get things done. Rather than waiting for hours for the one chance and not get much done.

As it was the quest ran pretty much faithfully often that I accomplished stuff and I rewarded Turbine by handing over money.

I will do so with crafting mats and boosters. As long as the price seems alright and it accomplishes stuff. I won’t do it with bags. I rather dump the mat on mules and in the shared banks than waste money to have a bag stuck on one character that I might not want to keep down the road.

But gripes aside; while I enjoy the time away I look forward to getting some serious time down on the new crafting system. Done right and it’s going to be a goldmine of ideas – done wrong and it’ll be meh and done and over with.


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