Today supposed to be the day (one can only hope) when the Beta version of the new crafting system will be up on Lam. We’ve already seen what’s in the store – from crafting mats, bags, boosters and crafting XP to a blank trinket.

Hopefully the prices of these will remain the same, but as we generally see live – they go up. And if they do I won’t buy em.

There’s so much unknown about it so it’ll be interesting to see the final product. What kind of makes no sense is the division of 3 different things like Arcane, Elemental and Divine and the idea of you having to level in each. I say makes no sense because it feels like some of the stuff (jump) belonging to one instead of for specific item, weapon, armor etc is contra to my idea of crafting. Meaning – I wonder if the ‘idea’ of crafting is a little to metaphysical and less physical? It’s one thing to imbue ‘magic’ into a item (which is kind of like green steel and the Sora Kel stuff – you stick it into the thing and pull the lever). For me crafting is the physical act of putting something together and then imbue the powers.

Crafting in this case seems to involve knowing what lever to pull.

Think about it; so we have this alchemical solution that ‘strips’ a essence or power from a item. Cool. If it’s say a positive effect (pure good) it’ll increase the XP in your divine crafting skill. But what did you do? You put the stuff in the crafting tool and pulled a lever. Physically you didn’t really do anything. Unless you also said Abracadabra or something at the same time. Crafting to me is putting stuff together. In which case using a solution of sort to strip powers of items isn’t exactly crafting. It’s not like you get better without it. You still need the solution. Without the solution you don’t get anything.

I wish they made crafting about WHAT you craft rather than what POWER you deconstruct or construct.

Such as Armor (suits and shields) items and weapons.

That would be a lot easier. You want to be a completely expert in one area you won’t be able to be expert in something else. You want to be ‘okay’ in all areas, fine, but you won’t have the skill to make the best stuff. Say being expert means that you can craft things with less resources (waste) and at a premium quality which includes a little extra ‘elite’ status to a armor.

The adding powers aside doesn’t really matter since that’s what the crafting altars are all about. They do the work to imbue your items with power.

All you do is the physical stuff. In other words – you make the item with quality (1-5) and then the crafting adds the power. You either find, buy or use TP to buy the mats in order to imbue the powers. But the items themselves are made from the random mat bags some critters drop or even ore that quests drop. You want to make a shield of adamantium, then you also have to have the ore to do it. Or Mithril or whatever other material there is. Steel being abundant I’m sure you would be able to buy that in the crafting area.

And that’s it. I want my guys to be specific experts in a given field, but as of now I don’t know what a specific item’s power belongs to – so I might be dragging tons of stuff that are divine to be deconstructed instead of material enough to make a bunch of cool shields to add powers too.


Anyways – I don’t mind a crafting system, just that the division of crafting between Arcane, Divine and Elemental feels very arbitrary to me and not what ‘crafting’ is.


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