Crafting – BTC shards and items (unbound will be added later)

Crafting schools are divided into 3 – Arcane, Divine and Elemental and each have several categories – like arcane have arcane, body and mind. Each category require its own 2 sets of material. More of one and less of the other.

You’re going to need both materials, Khyber or Sibyris Dragonshards and possibly mats like Sweet whitecap etc for a recipe.

You get XP from crafting and you can buy a 15 minute crafting XP potion (15, 20 and 25% boost flavors), but they don’t seem to work yet.

You can list all schools or specific schools recipes and there’s 1-75 levels currently with a promised 100.

A nice thing is that you can leave the material in your inventory, click on the recipe and it’ll populate the items in the crafter so you don’t have to drop them in one by one all the time.

You can also add a consumable hammer that increases the crafting chance (15%) so you can craft recipes that have a higher level than your school. You can’t craft anything that’s lower than 50% chance (with hammer).

You get full XP the first time you craft a shard (if it’s the same level as your school) and less for each one of the same recipe after that, so it’s important to try out more and more recipes in order to level up efficiently.

You can search specific recipes, such as Lesser Vampirism or Ooze bane and it will shows what kind it is (ex. arcane of category Body) and what level of school you need.

It won’t currently show prefix or suffix – so if you remember that holy and holy burst are prefixes and pure good is a suffix, then you could make a holy item of pure good. But not holy and holy burst since those are both prefixes.

There are a lot of recipes that you won’t find on a regular random item – such as vampirism, Lion heart, Blood Rage, Aligned, Life stealing etc.

The enhancement bonus is a Arcane recipe and if you remember from deconstruction, you can take the enhancement bonus, make a blank or take mats from one of the powers.

Not all recipes exist; some are missing such as vorpal but it’s rumored to cover 100 levels and there’s only 75 so far. I’m sure they’re hard at work fitting in the rest.

When you’re done crafting a shard, you bring the shard and the items (blank), put them in the item crafter and crunch. You now have a upgraded item.


Don’t worry about WHAT you craft as suppose to craft in order to increase level. Avoid recipes that require additional things like Withered Cryptmoss (bag/bookshelf pickup items that drop from critters) and concentrate on recipes that are affordable. Try running recipe so you get at least 10 XP out of them, more if possible and run them close to 85-90% success rate, since you could run lower with hammer, but it consumes the hammer at that rate (I think it works that if the roll is within those 15% that the hammer adds it consumes the hammer, if it’s under you keep it – hammer is consumed most likely if you fail).

Note that items are BTC but shards are BTA (with one exception – if you put a shard in a BTC bag then it becomes BTC – you have to place it in a unbound or BTA bag to make it BTA when put in inventory again).

It’s possible for you to have 3 toons – all experts in one area – create the shards, drop in bank (there’s one in the crafting area and a mail box too) and have one person craft it together. Unless of course the fix the level bug on the crafting tool so it requires you to have a similar level in your school to craft the shard onto a item.

When you’re at an okay level and want to craft a specific recipe, look it up – see what’s needed and maybe use a hammer to increase the success so you can actually do it. You don’t have to be the same level as the recipe, it just makes it harder the further apart it is from your current level. 70ish success rate with hammer is not bad at all. 

Most important; check in the item crafter (search for the recipe) what the shard can go on. You will be surprised about some limitations. Example – you cannot put seeker on the store trinket. Likewise – featherfalling only goes on rings or boots. And you can’t add fortification to helmets. It will save you materials to ensure you make a shard that will actually fit the item slot you’re thinking about.

And make sure you understand what is a prefix and a suffix (before or after the item name). You can do that by checking the AH, search for a bunch of different items – such as bracers and see what effect goes before the item name (bracers) and what comes after.

Generally you’ll find that stat increases goes before (such as strength) and special features after. Such as Jump or deception etc.

Likewise most elemental, holy and evil damage goes before the item name and you have things like pure good and Bane damage that comes after (maiming etc). Get familiar with the naming conventions so you don’t blow 100’s of mats on something you ultimately can’t combine.

A word about ML

There’s no telling how the ML works; adding one low end elemental damage usually keeps the item at a low ML, adding one or more effects increases it slightly.

As a test I created a Holy of life stealing (chance for 1-3 negative levels on crit) scimitar. Without increased enhancement bonus the scimitars had a ML of 7. When I increased the enhancement bonus to 3 it jumped to 13.

Similarly I created a Acid longsword of pure good. It was ML 3 with +1 enhancement bonus and ML 7 with +2.

I don’t know if that needs balancing but I can find better weapons around level 6.

There are still a lot of unknowns; you can currently find special materials out of certain quest chains. Ex. I pulled a broccoli looking material out of rainbow end reward (back in Meridia). I put it in the crafting tool and nothing popped up, so it’s possible that those materials are for even higher levels than 75. It’s going to be interesting what they’ll do and it’s hopefully going to be for a third added effect – kind of like how high end stuff can also have a guard effect or something.

I’m fairly sure it’s not for metalline; if you search recipes in the item crafter you’ll find more recipes than what’s currently in the shard crafter, such as blood rage, most greater banes etc – so I know that the shard crafter don’t have everything.

So what’s cool?

Do you want a trinket with Melee alacrity 10%? You got it. It’s very high level – probably level 74 (since the ranged alacrity is 74; it’s currently missing as a recipe in the shard crafter but ranged is there).

Do you want striding boots of Fire absorption 33%? Or maybe featherfalling instead of striding? Or if Fire is a suffix and alacrity a prefix – a trinket with Melee alacrity and fire absorption on it.

Those are very high end recipes and will cost you to achieve, but it’s possible. Making it possible for you to have an even more flexible crafting system that allows you to be able to do a lot of fun stuff.


One thought on “Crafting – BTC shards and items (unbound will be added later)

  1. DarkSable

    Well; having the named effects be available is gonna be cool, but if these things can get that powerful, it’s gonna ruin the AH; especially if you can add a third effect.


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