The cost of crafting

That’s the real question isn’t it?

No one wants a system that gives you instant gratification. I don’t. I don’t want to be level 75 divine in 5 hours. At the same time how long is a reasonable time before you can actually get to level 75 and what’s the result?

I don’t mind if it takes a long time. I got here, where I am after 2 years of grinding pretty much everything worth grinding and while I don’t have a capped plat toon, I have 3 capped toons with plenty of resources and dozen or so mules full of garbage I’d like to recycle.

But the issue isn’t the time it takes or even the end result – the issue I have with the new crafting system is the arbitrary cost, the strange ML when you craft and worse of all – that you can buy all the mats from the TP store.

A person can, given enough money buy him or herself to a high level without putting a lot of effort into it.

Also – this is a money to plat transfer no matter what we think. If there’s a possibility to make unbound items I could spend real money to get mats and then make an item I sell for plat.

Those are the issues. Personally I hope they limit XP boosts and success crafting stuff to the TP store and remove mats. I don’t think this is good for the system at all. I also hope they oversee the rate at which we get mats from deconstruct and the option of deconstruct shards. I get it; taking time is one thing but when making a holy weapon require a order of 4000 mats or something like that (to level up) and you get 1 large mat and maybe 30 smaller mats on a good day, the actual ration for that one item seems out of wack.

Again – no one wants instant gratification, but if I can dump 50-60 bucks down on buying mats and get a level where I can ‘sell’ holy X of life stealing then there’s something fundamentally wrong. I didn’t want this to be a plat sync; that would benefit players who have bazillion plat. And I don’t want it to be a matter of ‘buying’ mats with real money. That skews the reward of actually crafting yourself there.

I’m not worried that you will have a hard time finding the item you want in the AH – in fact it’s a possibility you’ll find better unbound items due to people being able to craft for it. The question will be how ‘reasonable’ the cost will be since that person have to use ‘rare’ resources to craft the item.

I’m not worried about easy buttons here; I’m worried about what happens to a game that moves away from the hard earned feeling of accomplishment and one of easy rewards in regards to cash.


2 thoughts on “The cost of crafting

  1. DarkSable

    first of all, you can’t get to level 75 in one type of crafting, only level 25. (so, 75 levels total.)

    Second of all, thankfully, it has already been found many times that nothing you can make us unbound; thus you cannot make any plat off of it.

    The mats, I’m sure, are gonna end up like the +1 weapons; noone is gonna need or want them. It’s really no big deal, there’s a) not gonna be a need, and b) it would take a silly ammount of money to do what you’re describing, to buy enough mats to just make things over and over till you get to a high enough level.

    And again, nothing that can be crafted is unbound. There will be NOTHING on the AH; which means the demand for good weapons is gonna go up.

  2. patang01

    There level in your school (75) is different from the ML of the item (what level you have to be to use it).

    Second – unbound is coming; note that there are two ‘bays’ that are empty and the unbound crafting tools was not released with this version. It’s coming. So the argument still holds; I could use materials that I buy from the TP store and use it to craft a unbound item to sell for plat.

    The reason why no one buys +1 weapons is because it’s relatively easy to pull better or similar items in very little time.

    The reason why buying material from the store is a more viable reason is because it takes ALOT of material to start making something good and you don’t get much from deconstruction and hardly anything from end rewards. Given that for 50 bucks I can in 3-4 hours ‘level’ up my school to start making holy of life stealing weapons, but it will take months to do the same using in game mats, I’m sure the math is a no brainer.


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