Crafting is fun, but ultimately much of the same. Not because you can make items that you currently don’t have, but because with the limitations on where you can put them it seems as if the only useful Item I’ve done so far is a trinket with electricity absorption 33%, a shield with life shield on it and several different weapons with some really nifty stuff on it.

In other words, my striding of electricity absorption can’t be done since absorption and striding are both prefixes and whenever I try to find a combination I might fit together it can either not go on the item or they’re both of the same.

In other words – you will most likely not be able to put together a superior combination of items by reaching a high level, other than putting together a item that is situational, expensive to get and craft and be limited.

For people who already have the things they need crafting is just a way to get rid of items and sell essences and for people who don’t have much you have to grind to craft and by then you probably will have something.

This is a odd statement since I’ve been such a proponent for this system and looking through the list of recipes I saw potentials.

But I have to be honest with myself; is it worth spending 10k materials to level up to start making holy of pure good items when I have a mule full of stuff like that? Or add life shield to a shield for a extra temporary HP proc or even on a armor so it’s ML 5 when I can use the new event plate as ML 4 with the same feature? Maybe because I can put it on Mithral armor?

I’m ambivalent. Very ambivalent since I find more dead ends to good combinations than I find great reasons to hit level 75.

Oh well – let’s see what level 100 will do.


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