Recharging batteries

I’ve been taking it easy lately – doing some Lam fiddling around and a few shroud runs here and there. I haven’t been as active since crystal cove. Partly because of feeling burnt out but also because I can’t see myself really accomplishing much. It’s not that there are no quests to run, toons to level up and even TR to contemplate, but because the new stuff coming (quests) and crafting had me excited for a while until I realized that crafting is an even worse grind (due to limitations and BTC shards) that it took the wind out of my sail.

But I’ll get back on the horse soon enough. With U9 I will continue running vale quests for mats; especially now with the FvS Pre. It’s quite nice to have a little more power at the fingertips. Plus I’ll consider making 2 straight holy Khopeshes for my ranger now when greater disruption seems to be more effective. Doing that added damage to undead is nice – something that makes GS holy weapons a little bit more potent and better than your randomly pulled stuff.

Divine punishment is a boon for any good FvS and I have used it to good effect on Lam and look forward to do the same live. The faster casting BB is nice too and combined with enough nukes, buffs and heals my FvS is going to fun playing again. As far as my ranger, horc fighter goes – I’m going to continue grinding shroud and other raids while leveling one more toon so I can have daily shroud runs while TRing one guy. I’m thinking my FvS just to get him a tad better in stuff – but that will be TR 2 on him so a much more grueling thing to do than before. THAT’S not something I look forward too.


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