For now

I’ve decided to hold off on crafting until I know what the unbound system can do and all recipes are in the crafter. Since all shards are BTC I can’t afford nor have the desire to grind for 75 levels in each school on all my toons. It’s absurd. And as they removed life stealing there’s only DPS weapons left and I have better green steel. I’m not saying that crafting is bad but it’s a lot of hit and miss with limitations on items you can craft. Would it matter if you could put melee alacrity on bracers? Apparently (example – melee alacrity is one of those missing recipes that’s in the item crafter but not the shard crafter) but that severely limits the usefulness of some stuff.

I like the new crafting change; it’ll tell you how many levels one power adds and adding a second will. So if you think it’s relatively worthless compared to a similarly pulled item you can skip making it. But I’m not going to do a hit and miss crafting when there are no details on what unbound costs. The most I will do is deconstruct them for mats. If it turns out being a very expensive thing to do I can always sell the mats in the AH.

I’m definitely ready for the FvS Pre, unless it goes through the shredder as the Sorc Pre have. I’m ruling out arcanes for now. I’d love to buold one but they’re going through to many convulsions for me to invest anything in them. Think about it; half a character is about specific gear that you get to compensate or strengthen the toon. Getting a bunch that doesn’t make sense when things change later on is frustrating and I’ve already done that. Like originally I made 2 rapiers for my FvS. I didn’t have so much in Str so I wanted the better crit range to compensate. Then shortly after I got done with the second rapier (Min II) they changed 2wf to a proc chance for the off hand. And being a heal/nuke specced FvS I wasn’t about to change my whole setup to take any 2wf feats.

These are the things that makes playing not fun. Change is one thing, but when you see the kind of neck snapping stuff it’s hard to feel like I want to invest a lot in it. I’m therefore making DPS builds until things calms down. You can’t go wrong with a plain Fighter or Barbarian. Give em the best DPS item plat or grind can provide and hit stuff. No need to get excited about new spells and stuff when that is still being ‘balanced’. Just not worth the agony.


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