Con Op, Li II or save it

It’s funny with a new crafting system about to drop that I’m going back to shroud. I’m currently thinking (real hard) about either making a longsword for my FvS (in anticipation of the new Pre), a Li II Khopesh for my ranger or save the shroud mats for a new toon.

I’d really love to do the con op for my FvS since the torc with con op gloves works like a charm, but adding the better DPS with a Li II Khopesh is nice too. I’m not there yet material wise (short on vale and shroud mats) but if I run both dogmatically I’ll have it.

Plus I do really want to get the ravager ring for my Horc so it’s a reboot of purpose rather than worrying about U9. I’ll run the quests but I won’t bother that much with crafting.


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