Con op’d

A painful way of getting my con op done is to first join a group that couldn’t get part 2 done. So we all dropped went our merry ways. I’ve done that before.

Then I tried again; this time after doing tier 1 and 2 on my item since we have a altar of invasion on the boat and the other altar is in Amrath.

This group did part 1 pretty well, 2 was a horror since one person kept killing the kittie first (I suspect the person didn’t understand English, written or otherwise). We got part 3 done and 4 and 5 without incident. So I got my GS scepter of con op done for my FvS. +6 strength and 20+30 healing amp. It’s nice; that extra HP and SP proc really helps – not that I couldn’t make it without it – but if you want to solo something quickly 3 items that add SP is gold.

Don’t get me wrong; I could’ve made a Li II item for my ranger but DPS have never been my problem. I’m going to start running vale and Amrath quests on a regular basis as soon as u9 drops. I’m thinking pulling extra mats for later is a good idea. But it’s time to get the next toon capped so I can start TR. I hate to say it but that’s the only thing I see myself doing since I need to keep myself busy somehow.

Tonight I did something funny tho; I know that killing portals is going to be easier with the new u9 pre (and the spell divine punishment and the summon) but I decided to try something else. I pulled everything at the top of the vale part where the portal rare is and then jumped into the middle of the critters by the portal. Then I let them dynamo charge my SP while I cycled through several light spells plus meteor fall to beat it down so that when the last critter died (from slay living on my GS helmet to constant cold damage from glacial bracers cold shield) it had a sliver left for me to destroy with good damage weapons.

I personally didn’t take as much damage as I thought since I had the demon shield, 2 con op proccing HP and the better DR of my FvS keeping it alive.


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