Tactilicious #2

I’m going to look forward to playing my FvS in update 9.

Not only because of a relatively good Pre but also because of new spells and how they work. Such as a faster BB and the new divine punishment.

I did two things; ran sins and a new invasion live and then jump over and tried sins on Lam using the new Pre.

2 things; having 2 con op, demon shield and torque is nice. That’s essentially a pretty steady proc of SP and HP, in such a way that it’ll provide a constant supply of SP. Secondly – having 10+20+30 in heal amp (boat plus my new con op scepter) mean at least 60ish in HP all the way up to over 200 in crit (free cure light). That’s very nice especially when you’re kiting critters galore.

The one thing however is that on live I don’t have a good red named killer unless kiting them through BB’s count. At least orange can always be energy drained and then destructed.

Enter divine punishment – a spell that can be stacked 3 times – like a basic searing light all the way up to almost 700-900 in light damage on crit stacked 3 times. It’s perfect in two scenarios – red/orange named and the odd behind the hoard critter (such as casters). Since Amrath saves are pretty high you normally have to energy drain a caster before destructing it. However that can be tricky since energy drain is a beam and anything in its path is going to be level drained instead. Not with Divine Punishment that is within range and LOS – making specific killing a lot easier while kiting the rest through BB’s.

I’d like to level up (craft) a greater evocation item on Lam to see if that makes a difference but I can’t since I’m out of eberron stuff and I can’t for the life of me pull any more – unlike now when you find tons. I do hope they haven’t lowered the drop rate on those since it’s the only alternative to buying a feat swap and you need it for crafting.

So hopefully this drops next week so I can finally get my FvS up to specc and do all the funs stuff; like nuking a red named without worrying about kiting.


2 thoughts on “Tactilicious #2

  1. DarkSable

    on lamania they have the ebberon shards for sale in the ddo store, very cheaply…
    Just see mr. pointsalot and you can buy tens of thousands.


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