Over the Rainbow and into Sins

I decided yesterday to run 2 quests I know are fairly short and with predictable outcomes; Rainbow and Sins. Normally both runs are around 30 minutes but I have improved somewhat lately.

I did it for two reasons; to check out the new FvS Pre and how it works with the gear I use. Partly because I love trying out new cool stuff but also because while I could check out the Pre on Lam I didn’t have my second con op at that time.

Rainbow took about 15 minutes and Sins 25.

There are several reasons for it – the simplistic answer would be the new Pre, but the more accurate answer would be the analysis I made from both runs.

First off – before when I ran Rainbow (almost daily) I only had the Torc. The Torc is nice with a average proc of 30 or so SP. It was enough to get me to the area where the floor fell out, you take the other rout to the first item and the slog back to where the item opens the door. Then I shrined, killed myself to the key and to the puzzle and used pretty much everything I had to kill the Guardian; a fight that takes longer if you have a low smite and try to kill it with BB and searing light.

Later on I got my first con op item; my healing gloves and at the same time the new epic Mithral armor out of Crystal Cove. That gave me the demon shield HP proc and the HP proc from the con op, allowing me the buffer of these additional temporary HP instead of constantly healing myself and using SP for the big heals as suppose to no SP using my free cure lights. Now I could ‘dynamo’ up in the room with the first item against the named Orthon and have enough until I got to the shrine. And then I managed to figure out the tactics to ‘dynamo’ up all the way to the shrine and beyond – using some of the damage from the gnolls to do it so it lasted all the way to the Guardian without shrining. Mostly due to the change from BB and searing light to BB and cometfall.

The limit being the fact that a FvS get very few spell slots and there are some nice upper end ones to pick from.

This is no different from Sins; which for most part is BB, kiting rinse and repeat. The difference is that at the end BBs are not as efficient and neither is cometfall.

So what changed with update 9 are several things; the Pre itself with the lantern Archon, faster casting but shorter lasting BB and Divine Punishment.

Plus let’s not forget that I also added a GS con op scepter with a lot of heal amp. Nothing illustrates these changes like these 2 runs. First off with 2 con op and 1 Torc SP and temporary HP is not a problem as long as there are not too many critters and you run it on a decent level. High end the damage will outstrip the procs and you need to use more spells such as heals instead of free cure light. But with the free cure light, now heal amped; I got tons more HP out of the free cure light than before – making any damage I got go away without the need for heal spells.

The summon hits for 40 and up to a 100 on crit and while there is a damage boost due to the Pre it first has to proc on getting hit and it’s just not all that often and reliable. And with these changes and new spell I changed around my enhancements to add a full smite line.

I could now dynamo up without requiring to shrine and it was fairly fast with 3 possible SP giving items. But the big winner despite the Pre, the summon and my con op and Torc is Divine Punishment.

The spell itself isn’t anything special, until you stack it 3 times. It’s a 16 second ticking spell with a 10 second cool down. Giving you a 6 second window to stack it 3 times max and ‘renew’ the damage. At tier 1 it’s no better than the Archon itself. A paltry 40ish or so in damage. But it doubles and triples with the stacks.

A fully stacked crit can with the Pre damage boost proc hit around 1k and there are very few critters that can withstand light damage. So all I did was to stand on the opposite side of the fountain against the Fire guardian in rainbow and have the Archon snipe at it while keeping up Divine Punishment. I threw down a BB for good measure so the elemental took damage when it shifted trying to hit me.

Done and done. I never had to shrine, I didn’t go for the optional stuff (as per usual) and avoided getting bogged down killing everything. 15 minutes later the guardian was down and I left with my pebbles and got 14 greater chaos essences as end reward in Meridia.

Sins was no different; the torc and con op allowed me to keep SPing up while I kept myself in a corner with my back free healing myself, then BB kite and done.

I picked the most damaging boss (the pit fiend) and simply threw down a BB, stood still and took the punishment while healing and kept the Divine Punishment up and running while hammering with the occasional cometfall.

Done and done.

So while it’s real easy to assume that the Pre did it all, the real winner was the combination of gear I have made and Divine punishment. Not so much because Divine punishment is super duper, because it’s damage pales compared to some of the arcane spells out there, but because it’s one that divine casters really needed that fills a specific niche. Unlike the cometfall, firestorm etc with reflex saves and that are kind of hit and miss. A fully stacked Divine punishment is a good finisher provided you can withstand the punishment getting there. And with higher DR, temporary HP procs and SP procs and free cure lights I can.

Now I want to see how it works for me in the Shroud and other places.


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