The hill and the massive ball of deconstruct I keep pushing just to see it roll over the top and down on the other side

Yesterday I spent over an hour and (140ish items later) deconstructing for essences and this morning I tried to shave off a few more. I didn’t have all that much time yesterday and I did want to get the Pre setup and run a couple of quests just to see how well I managed to balance my FvS between specific spells and the Pre itself.

My take away is the same as my previous post; something is definitely not right in the land of crafting.

To give you a specific answer one can only look at how much you have to deconstruct and how arbitrary the amounts are. Like a level 3 deconstruct (and if you don’t know through crafting all powers you deconstruct are assigned a level – I guess the idea is that the higher the level of deconstruct the more essences you get) can give you 3 large and a level 5 deconstruct can give you 2.

It’s a little better on the lesser side but weird regardless. A 3 can give you 9 lesser, 4 20 and 5+ 30ish. They’re definitely using dices which is silly in my opinion.

But perhaps what illustrates the problem more is the nature of what you get and the best of what it costs; deconstructing a +6 strength power is considered a level 5 deconstruct and gives you about 30 essences. I got 35.

Making a +4 strength shard (since they have limited it to 50 levels now so it will cost more to craft a +6 shard) cost 15 greater Body and 256 lesser, 16 Khyber fragments and 1 powdered blood.

Khyber fragments are trivial since you will get so many out of a chest. 15 Greater body is roughly about average of 3 out of a level 5 deconstruct so 5 items. 256 means 9 of a minimum level 5 deconstruct.

So we’re talking about 14 items or so to make a +4 strength item. And to make a +6 I assume we’re talking about 2k lesser amount since +3 require 64 and +2 16.

That’s 30 against 2k for the same power. Or 1.5% deconstruct ratio.

For now I will deconstruct only; knowing that if they balance this correctly I will get screwed on the exchange (assuming that they rebalance how much it costs and how much you get from deconstructing). But I won’t craft. I really do not want to waste time and effort making tons of shards knowing that this has to be improved.

The worst part of course is not the current imbalance but the effect it has on the AH and availability of items either at vendors or AH. Where items will have a premium cost to it or there simply won’t be that many since most people will deconstruct them.

That is against the back drop that the crafting system as it stands require a major overhaul.

I’m confident that Turbine is working hard to fix this; I assume that they don’t want to drop a unfinished, highly flawed system on their player base and leave it like that. It’s a pity that they didn’t work harder to at least find a good middle ground before going live since this problem was apparent from the very first day on Lam.

Aside from only having the ability to make BTC items (and assuming that most people like me can’t afford nor have the desire to level on all their toons to make low end gear) I just can’t see myself spending 2-3 hours of my valuable time deconstructing for the frustrating return rate that I can illustrate above.

But for now – my mules are packed with so much garbage that I have to either sell them or deconstruct and I’m committed to deconstructing since I see a value with this system in the future provided Turbine find the right balance.

But not only a balance between what we get and what it cost; also the arbitrary nature on what item can take what power, just 1 prefix and 1 suffix when it should be either or. 2 prefixes. 2 suffixes. It’s magic and I just don’t see why it should be limited like that since I can pull a random item right now with 2 prefixes.

So what if I have a striding 30% featherfalling boots; will that break the game in any way shape and form more than having 30% striding boots with a featherfalling clickie or another item I switch out just to hang glide through the air?

Isn’t the ML of the item what truly limits the usability of it anyways? I’m not asking for striding featherfalling boots of automatic cometfall on landing (although that would be cool) – I’m just asking for flexibility that makes crafting truly awesome; if I am going to spend the next 2 years hitting level 100 with the current inflexible system then we as crafters should be rewarded for our patience with a genuinely flexible system of making what we want within the realm of reason. Limiting it to 2 powers is fine. That’s the nature of most random items anyways  – just make it able to be crafted on any item with the only limitation of where it doesn’t make sense (like holy burst on a armor or bashing on a dagger).

If Turbine does that they will energize the player base to truly craft awesome amount of different cool items that fill pivotal functions in their gear sets and they will turn the sour experience it is now into a must do function within DDO.


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