The big One zero zero and no fireworks

I ran my 100 shroud yesterday (on my FvS) and picked up a +3 tome of Constitution as end reward. I’m figuring that’ll come handy when I TR since I think I already used a +3 con tome on my divine. I really wanted to run the shroud on him  since I know that the Archon will shoot at portals and I also wanted to use Divine Punishment to see how well that worked. It was so efficient that I was running ahead of the main DPS group and with caster and the odd high end DPS prepping portals we managed to almost kill them before the DPS group caught up with us.

Sure – it is expensive but that just motivates me to get the Epic ring of spell storing finally done (only need seal and shard) so I can have 4 extra major Sp pots and use them to ‘nuke’ with. All in all I like the combination of Archon, comet fall and Divine Punishment. The biggest problem comes in part 4 and 5. While in theory it’s easy to hit the boss with Divine Punishment and keep stacking it, you kind of have to do it every 10 seconds while healing. The easiest way would be while being really close so you don’t have to change target – so that the heal mass (or whatever) hits the rest of the DPS. Only thing is that this requires some coordination and that I’ll get smacked with a lot of damage while renewing the spell and healing.

My FvS only have 427 HP so it’s not a massive amount. But I’m thinking I need to do it anyways and perhaps put my Fire absorb boots on just to stay in, take the punishment and keep on rocking. I did experiment using the champion and passing the shield so it’s going to be interesting how that works in other quests (it was hard to tell if it did anything since I was busy with what I was doing).

The second thing is that I generally don’t heal using my cure light and cure serious mass with Maximize and empower on. I rely more on my maximized crit chance and the many things I use to boost up the heal effect. On very good days and fairly reliable I crit often enough between both those to be quicker and more effective than the slower heal. True – a heal will most likely completely fill someone’s red bar but it as I mentioned, it’s slow and it’s more SP efficient to keep using the faster mass spells.

The one thing I wish Turbine would add is the possibility; just like with equipping and reequipping weapons and items, the option to set up spells that automatically get the appropriate meta magic. That would be similar to dragging more than one item into the weapon slot so that you could drag different meta magic into a slot and then the same spell to the hot bar.

That way if you wanted you could setup two different version of the same spell; a fully empowered and maximized Divine Punishment and a cure light mass without any meta magic. That would allow for a lot of flexibility. I know that there’s a delay when the meta magic is turned on, but personally I don’t know why. Isn’t it just that you are making it more powerful and enhanced? I don’t understand why there has to be some kind of show about it.

That way I could have a much better control over how I use my SP without micro managing it up front (as suppose to on the backend).

It feels good in any case to be more useful in the shroud (as a divine caster anyways). Hitting the pit fiend with a nice boosted 1k+ light damage on crit makes for a good moment. While it won’t match the torrent of overall DPS it does make sense for me at least to contribute in a way, no matter how small that might be.


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