Update 11 – The joy of sadness

Just like update 9 made me a happy camper until the many things that didn’t make me happy was unearthed I’ve come to look forward to update 11 and not.

First off I like the new gear from the quests and raids.

Here’s a good thread to what to expect and some information about the new raids and gear.



Blown to Bits (19) – {Update 11 Pack}

  • Alchemist’s Pendant – (Necklace) Constitution +6, Greater Elemental Energy, Alchemical Conservation, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (End Chest)
  • Fabricator’s Bracers – (Bracers) Incite +20%, Balance +10, Enhanced Balance +5, Cannith Combat Infusion, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (optional boss chest)

Power Play (19) – {Update 11 Pack}

  • Magewright’s Cloak – (Cloak) Charisma +6, Stealth Strike, Perform +10, Enhanced Perform +5, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (End Chest)
  • Wolfinson’s Monocular Enhancer – (Goggles) Superior Reconstruction VI, Search +10, Enhanced Search +5, Reconstruct {CL:10, 1 charge/rest}[ML:18, BTA, Exclusive]

Schemes of the Enemy (19) – {Update 11 Pack}

  • Cannith Boots of Propulsion – (Boots) Striding +30%, Feather Falling, Jet Propulsion, Jump +10, Enhanced Jump +5 [ML:18, BTA, Exclusive]
  • Tinker’s Gloves – (Gloves) Dexterity +6, Exceptional Seeker +2, Open Lock +10, Enhanced Open Lock +5, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (Whitefang Chest)
  • Tinker’s Goggles – (Goggles) Intelligence +6, Treason, Disable Device +10, Enhanced Disable Device +5, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA]

Missing from this list is the gloves that goes with the Fabricator’s bracers.

Basically these are mostly pairs of items where you can unlock the set bonus through collecting ‘stuff’ that you get from killing critters in the wilderness. Other items (and I won’t list them but the link should show you most of them) are the rune arms. There’s even a level 19 rune arm that you can get from the new raids that can be unlocked with several tiers. It looks pretty darn good since it adds lightning strike to your main weapon (as I’ve explained previously all rune arms add something such as elemental damage to main weapons). That could make your favorite repeater a lightning strike weapon on a regular basis. Build a basic cheap triple good GS repeater, add silver arrows and splatter evil outsiders everywhere (including undead).

The boots are a runners wet dream. Striding AND featherfalling (adds jump too and a 10 minute FvS wing clickie).

On the raid side you have the new alchemical weapon system that boosts not only your average basic DPS but also magic and it includes not only all weapon types but also shields.

Before using the crafting machine on the Lord of Blades side you need to get an Attuned Alchemical Item. This is done my getting a blank Alchemical Item from the Master Artificer raid and adding one of the following metal types in the Master Artificer side machine:

  • Adamantine
  • Silver
  • Cold Iron
  • Flame Touched Iron
  • Byeshk
  • Crystal

I went through the crafting device on the way to Lord of Blades and here’s what’s inside:

Weapon Augments:

Tier 1 requires: Attuned Alchemical Item, Khyber Dragonshard of <element>, Martial Cannith Power Cell

  • Air: Shocking Burst, Stunning +10, Awareness 4
  • Earth: Acid Burst, Greater Stone Prison, Earthgrab
  • Water: Icy Burst, Freezing Ice, Fireshield(cold) (like Bracers of the Glacier)
  • Fire: Flaming Burst, Flaming Blast, Seeker +10

Tier 2 requires: Infused Alchemical Item(Tier 1 item), Khyber Dragonshard of <element> (Refined), Martial Cannith Power Cell

  • Air: Exceptional Dexterity +2, Lightning Strike, Doublestrike 6%
  • Earth: Exceptional Constitution +2, Acid Blast, Disintegration
  • Water: Exceptional Wisdom +2, Crushing Wave, Corrosice Salt
  • Fire: Exceptional Strength +2, Incineration, Righteous

Tier 3 requires: Dual-Infused Alchemical Item (Tier 2 item), Khyber Dragonshard of <element> (Exquisite), Martial Cannith Power Cell, 10 Epic Dungeon Tokens

  • Air: +6 Enhancement Bonus, Electrifying Blast, Empty Red Augment Slot
  • Earth: +6 Enhancement Bonus, Corrosive Blast, Empty Red Augment Slot
  • Water: +6 Enhancement Bonus, Freezing Blast, Empty Red Augment Slot
  • Fire: +6 Enhancement Bonus, Fiery Blast, Empty Red Augment Slot

The Tier 3 blast effect is:
“This weapon is imbued with a <element> wrath. On an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit this <element> power will be released, dealing damage to the target and all enemies near it for 15d6 <element> damage. A successful Reflex save (DC 34) reduces this by half.”

Spell Augment:

The cost per tier is the same as weapons except that it uses Mystical Cannith Power Cell instead of Martial Cannith Power Cell

Tier 1:
Superior <type> IX Item of

  • Air: Superior Magnetism IX, Superior <type> IX, Air Gaurd
  • Earth: Superior Corrosion IX, Superior <type> IX, Earthgrab Gaurd
  • Water: Superior Glaciation IX, Superior <type> IX, Freezing Ice Gaurd
  • Fire: Superior Combustion IX, Superior <type> IX, Magma Surge Gaurd


  • Laceration: Increases the damage of your ~th level and lower slashing and bludgeoning spells by 50%. This effect does not stack with other item effects or potions. Requires Adamantine base item.
  • Radiance. Requires Silver base item.
  • Resonance. Requires Cold Iron base item.
  • Devotion. Requires Flame Touched Iron base item.
  • Nullification. Requires Byeshk base item.
  • Impulse. Requires Crystal base item.

Tier 2:
Adds Superior Lore(12% chance, +.5 multiplier) of the base item’s two elements. It also says that it removes a clicky of superior spark/erosion/inferno/freeze, but there is no indication that the base items have that ability

Tier 3:

  • Air: Efficient Metamagic Enlarge II, Greater Enchantment Focus, Spell Focus Mastery +1
  • Earth: Efficient Metamagic Empower II, Greater Conjuration Focus, Greater Spell Penetration IX
  • Water: Efficient Metamagic Extend II, Greater Transmutation Focus, Greater Elemental Spell Power
  • Fire: Efficitent Metamagic Maximize II, Greater Evocation Focus, Aracane Augmentation IX


Crafting Materials:

  • Crafted in the Master Artificer side machine:
    • 1 Empty Kyhber Dragonshard of (tier) = 200 (tier) Khyber Dragonshard Fragments
    • 1 Attuned Alchemical Item: Prototype Alchemical weapon/shield, Cannith Power Cell, Pliable Ingot, Dense Ingot, Glowing Ingot
  • Crafted in the Lord of Blades side machine:
    • 1 Kyhber Dragonshard of <element> (tier) = 1 Empty Kyhber Dragonshard of (tier) + 1 Spirit of <element>
  • Ingots are crafted in the Cannith Manufactury device from parts dropped by mobs in the explorer areas

EDIT: Made it clear that you need to add a metal type to a blank before adding Tier 1/2/3

This block explains how the new raid crafting works and as the devs explained – You can only get tier 3 material from running the main raid on Epic and if you run the raid on hard or elite you get better and more stuff.

In other words people who want to unlock the full potential will have to run the raid on Epic and people who want their stuff upgraded faster should run it on hard or elite. Something I think they should implement to all raids; want more GS material? Run it on hard and elite – reward someone for doing it rather than give them a chance for higher level random loot.

As calculated the DPS of these items are just slightly better than GS or burst of greater bane weapons, but they add a lot of flavor by combining a lot of proc effects and somewhat situation things that makes them truly masterful outside absolute top raids and end game quests. Note that these are ML 18-20 gear – so unlike GS that provide a lot of joy to TRing people above level 11, these are just like the ToD rings and will be for end game.


With u11 comes a new experience system – 25 for normal, 40 for hard and 80 for Elite. Note that most end bosses have gotten a boost to their HP so they might not be as easy to take down on hard and elite. With this comes a new bravery bonus. If you run everything on hard you get a stacking 5% bonus (max 25%) or Elite 10% (still max 25%). This applies to the quest bonus, shrine, voice of master and experience potions.

In other words the first time you run something on hard you get 40% plus what you have stacked. This quickly adds up. Running everything on hard will grant you 40% for the quest, 25% for stacked bravery bonus, 5% for VoM, boat 1-5% bonus (I think) and 5-20% for experience potion. If you break the chain by running something on normal or fail you lose the bravery bonus but it shouldn’t take anyone that long to stack together again.

If you run a quest 2 levels above Elite you break the bonus; in other words as long as you stick with 1 above and 1 below quest difficulty you get the bonus. If you go beyond that you break the stack.

This is of course very beneficial early on for anyone with a good boat since with greater resists the early quests are easier to survive. So it’s possible to blow through Korthos on hard and elite and get a bundle in XP and all harbor and market quests for a quicker level up experience. It gets harder soloing hard and elite quests when you hit mid or above leveling due to hopefully a better challenge on those difficulty settings, but it does that a incentive to group up and knock those quests out of the ballpark.

Hard and elite unlock

This is good and bad; good in a way that I wish was better implemented since this used to be a nice VIP perk but I do understand the change since they added the bravery bonus. If you TR once you unlock hard unlock for that character and if you TR twice you unlock Elite unlock of quests. I’m ambivalent; as a VIP I like the perk but I do understand that it should be extended to premium players in one way or another. And this I guess was the way.

FvS Wing nerf

This one hurts. The background to this is the fact that a bunch of Favored Souls were used to beat Epic on the new raids; mainly using Divine Punishment and wings to escape when they took agro. This kind of kiting isn’t that prominent since all the raids I’m in (as a favored soul) most tanking and boss killing is done by DPS since there’s usually no more than 2 FvS in a raid matchup. Now granted a raid could consist of 12 favored souls with unlimited resources, but it’s very unlikely to ever happen.

The ‘cure’ to this (that most likely will never happen outside the test server where you have free turbine points to spend on anything) was to add 5 clicks of wings with a 15 second charge time. Inside a raid or quest that might be okay, but outside quests or in wilderness where most FvS use their wings it slows things down.

Personally this is to me a solution to a problem you probably will never see; the idea of a 12 man FvS dotting the end boss to death and winging all over the place is very unlikely. This is most likely a remedy for something that won’t occur. And it doesn’t fix the issues; only constraints the ability of FvS that goes beyond the one or two times you might see this in your lifetime.

Artificers are P2P (or favor unlock) only

The word is that Artificer is a gold or favor unlock only. In other words VIP will not get this from the get go. I fill this is a worse round kick to the VIP subscription than hard and elite unlock. First off there’s not enough favor in House Cannith to unlock the Artificer when the update releases so if you’re a VIP and want it; you either have to buy or wait until U12 is released 3-4 months from now with more house of Cannith quests.

Some people have made the arguments that a)Turbine needs to make money for future development and b) that VIP get 500 TP every month as part of the sub. Both those arguments ignore that part of being a VIP it states that VIP users get all quests and all classes and races part of being VIP. There’s nothing in there about future development money or ‘that’s what the 500 TP is for’.

If they’re making the VIP the way of the Dodo bird I suggest they let VIP members be able to buy all packs so we can buy those and later on drop to premium.

Another argument I read was that VIP only spend their 10-15 dollar a month while premium players spend more money. That’s of course false. As a VIP I spend a lot of money outside the subscription since it won’t buy you essential supplies (or what I see as essential anyways). I’ve send tons of money outside my subscription which is the case of many of not a majority of VIPs. In fact it would be more logical to claim that VIP spends MORE money over time. Cause once a premium player buys a pack he won’t pay for it again while a VIP will keep paying rent on those packs for the length of the sub.

Regardless of arguments against and for it’s another case where the VIP programs get weaker and promotes premium only treatment. Sure – I can wait until Cannith gets more favor and unlock it that way but that’s not really why I went VIP in the first place; I went VIP for what it promised, not what it would limit in the future.

Artificer capstone

It changed. It no longer include scrolls (and one can hope this changes back). Someone got the idea that offensive scrolls would be to powerful but I think most players who considered the capstone wanted it for the potential of 20 minute buffs. Now it’s limited to clickies and wands and that’s a pity. Making the capstone a lot weaker and it will probably motivate most Artificers to multiclass with something that adds evasion.


4 thoughts on “Update 11 – The joy of sadness

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    VIPs don’t get Drow or FvS automatically, and I don’t hear anybody crying about THAT. The only thing different about the Artificer is 1) It’s new, and everybody wants to play it, and 2) the content needed to unlock Artificer won’t be available ’til the next update, which will probably only be a couple of months away.

    Should Turbine have waited on the Artificer until they had enough content out to unlock it? Probably. Is this a slap in VIPs faces? Not really, no. You’re getting 1500 bonus TP this summer (on top of the 1500 TP you’d be getting ANYWAY as a VIP) that Turbine didn’t have to give; just use that.

    And the Hard/Elite unlock isn’t really that big of a deal, since it only applies to the TR’d character, and not anything else. Still a major benefit for all the VIPs who, like me, don’t have any TRs.

  2. Kobayashi_Hatoko

    I’m a premium player of 17 months who has spent $155 USD on the game and don’t have all the content (-2 packs, -1 race, -1 class). Running the numbers, I would have been better off VIP all this time. I only come out ahead if I am here for several years and there is little new content. I am a little surprised they are limiting the new class to VIPs who are supposed get everything for free forever. That seems a little deceiving.

    Is DDO making more money on us premium players than the VIPs and wants everyone to go premium? I think VIP still makes them more money. The TR situation with allowing hard/elite unlock isn’t going to ping VIP players too much. How many people TR once or twice? I’ve not TRed one character yet in 17 months with my casual play style and curse of alt-itis. I don’t understand why they are putting the brakes on the new class for VIPs. I guess we won’t see many of them until after U12. Is this a way of glorifying those who are willing to pay full price for the newest thing and use peer pressure to get others to buy as well so they feel socially equal?

    Did the smaller showing at PAX for DDO indicate the game is financially lacking? If the game needs financials they should produce more content people want. The last two packs I am assuming where poor sellers as I don’t see a lot of people PUGing it. I also noticed they cut out the usual 6900 for $50 sale with PAX this year. Instead it was the 5/15/30% off sale. If DDO is looking for $$$ then they need to get on to Druids, Aasimar, Tiefling, Gnome, and Gensai. D&D has tons of content to make use of. The question is finding the “must have” content and delivering it to the players.

    VIP is still the way to go if you are like most video gamers, playing a new game for a few months, reaching the end, the moving onto the next game and forgetting the last. Premium only works if you are here for the long, long term.

  3. patang01

    VIPs spend real money too – it’s kind of silly to assume that all VIP does is to spend their subscription PT. That would certainly be news to my wallet.

    As for Drow and Favored soul; keep in mind that those existed before DDO went unlimited; there was no gold store to buy classes or races in before unlimited.

    And my honest opinion is that these two should be part of a VIP subscription without needing to unlock through favor but it’s possible that the code remains like that so that F2P and premium can unlock for free.

    I don’t want anything magical with a VIP subscription, just the benefits as outlined so it has value. If that’s not the case allow me to buy packs and stuff while being VIP and I’ll go premium when I have the things I want.


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