Post U11 – waiting for the torrent downpour of pirates.

Since update 11 was released I’ve been busy parallel leveling my TR ranger and my new Artificer. What am I kidding – I must say that most of my time have been leveling my Artificer, especially since my ranger hit 18 (and can now participate in most raids anyways).

I’m having fun with Artificer since it’s a pretty good class to solo with. It sure helps having a ton of good BTA gear to use and to fill out with some crafted where I didn’t. Like spending the first couple of hours getting gear together before I ran all korthos on Elite. In fact I had a streak of about 50 elite runs before I noticed a definite wall around level 10 (soloing anyways). So now the streak is broken and I’m happy doing hard or normal where I can.

I’ve also been busy running the 3 new quests – and only tried the Artificer raid once and the whole group failed. So that means fabricator bracers and rocket boots for my ranger and horc fighter and I have one more quest to do (schemes) on my FvS to flag.

I also did Shroud on elite with my ranger. We failed in the end. Not because it’s harder – but because the healers didn’t want to suck pots in order to continue the mindless HP grind.

It’s not fun – 5 rounds in part 4 and a third HP left when we failed. And we were very well geared. Most of us TRs and most of us epic or GS equipped. It’s just that with the higher fort and more HP using resources is a must.

You can’t scroll heal a shroud. So you’re left using pots. And that’s not harder or more challenging. Only more resources. I guess some people love it. Like the group that used 120 pots in elob and loved it. Maybe I’m missing something here. But if winning is a matter of expenditure then I really fail to see how this is fun?

What else could we have done to finish shroud on elite?

Nothing. Not a darn thing. So if you’re a healer and want to heal a Elite shroud then the metagame for you is to manage resources and drink pots. For the rest of you it’s the same. Hit – and hit. And hit. Until there’s no HP anymore.

Let me know when this strikes you as more of the same and not the change you hoped it to be.

There are so many things you can add to make things more fun. Adding more HP and higher fort is the perhaps the laziest way of making it more challenging.

I will not heal any Elite pugs anytime soon. I want a challenge – not something that I spend a lot of resources on for the same drop rates as before.

And that’s really the rub – you need to complete Elob to make tier 3 on your new items. Fair enough – you need to run Epics to get shards, scrolls and seals. You do not get more of what you want running Elite shroud or ToD.

If Turbine would guarantee more large mats in a Elite shroud or more rings in ToD you would see more people running them and actually be willing to use resources.

But if the rewards are the same except for maybe better vendor trash it’s not really worth it.

So Turbine have a choice here; make a challenge really a challenge or at least up the reward. How about 1-2 large mats on hard and 1-3 large mats on Elite? Guaranteed in all relevant chests. At least give blue bar people a reason to use resources which in turn also means that blue bar type players might stock up on store pots. Cynical? Yeah. But everything is about rewards and if they expect me to work the analogy of 70 hours a week then ‘you get to keep your job’ is not the motivation that I’m looking for.


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