I really haven’t changed my opinion about crafting – the limitations make it less useful than before. After all – you have limitations on how much crafting you can do before you have to increase its crafting level and then you have the silly prefix and suffix limitation. That’s a limitation random stuff don’t seem to have. I don’t want to make overpowered items; I just want to be able to add any 2 things to make them more useful. And the limitations on items is kind of silly too. Like life shield on armor or shields only. How about on a trinket? Why only armor and shield? I get that weapon related damage doesn’t make sense on gloves or bracers – but crafting becomes really limited if we can only add the one thing.

There’s ways to solve this; how about you have to increase the potential more if you’re trying to add another suffix? Example – if you add it the first time it adds +2 and if it’s an addition it’s +3 and if you already have a suffix and this is a suffix then it will cost +6. In other words it costs twice as much making crafting specialized. Also add +2 if you’re trying to add it to a item that is beyond the recommended (within limitations spelled out). So if you want life shield on a trinket it’ll cost you +2 in crafting enhancement out of the 5 you can add to it, possibly forcing you to increase the potential of the item in order to make it.

Now you can make much better items with some sensible limitations and you have items that make more sense. True – some of them will have a slightly better potential than raid items that way, but at significantly higher levels instead making them situational and not definite replacements.

And yes – that means you can add more stuff to a weapon than you could say to a green steel, BUT the max level is 20 and you’ll do that easily if you insist on trying to add more than one burst to a weapon. Plus you won’t be able to add the really good stuff anyways such as blast damage etc.

Would it be possible to do a holy, holy burst of greater bane? I don’t know – maybe – dependent if that would bust the level 20 upper limitation. If it does – then no – if it’ll get close okay – but probably not at a +5 quality anyways.

But the reason I want to remove limitations is not to make better weapons – it’s do add flexibility to items and make the crafting more than a cute niche as it is now. I mean I’ve used it twice; to make alacrity items and beginner gear. I really don’t need it for anything in between niche and beginner. After all – why should I if I have all the named and raid gear to fill out the blanks in between.

That said I have used it for repeaters – simply because there are about 1 or so named repeaters and that won’t last you long. And I haven’t really pulled a ton of useful repeaters (one with disruption would be nice).

 Like the ONE repeater I made specifically to beat taming the flame on elite – a ice burst of elemental bane. Otherwise I wouldn’t have enough DPS to defeat the fire elementals regenerating in the fire geysers.

And I’ve also made a few others while I level up – mostly situational until I manage to make some GS (and I’m only looking to make a straight holy and straight earth since the new top crafting adds the option for a Li II strike one anyways).


One thought on “Crafting

  1. Fr33kSh0w2012

    Strange Thing Is my character can’t craft a darn thing I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug in my character or there are only CERTAIN PLACES you can craft items but whenever I try to craft the game says I can’t craft and doesn’t give a reason?!?


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