Mired in crafting

A while back I decided to try Mired and kill the end dragon; you know the big one. Back then I didn’t have ship buffs but I did have a greater acid ring. I ended up sucking one pot after another. I don’t know if I did it on elite or normal, but I don’t think I did it on elite since I distinctly remember those crystals.

What have changed since is the favored soul PRE, slightly better gear (more con op but I do believe I had the torc back then), divine punishment and a more vicious blade barrier.

First – I gave up on blade barrier early on. It sucks tremendous amount of SP and kiting is tough enough as it is. I concentrated on keeping my DOTs up and after a while it was paying off. I almost died once – I got snared and couldn’t do anything but luckily I managed to snap out of it in the nick of time.

Here’s the bad part – I had tons of chests to open but despite the +2 loot gem it was lousy and I barely got anything. I don’t know if the loot tables are borked but not even when we had +2 loot and +1 loot from Turbine did I get a lot of good stuff.

But it feels good being able to do this without using one single pot.

Now crafting still remains a sore spot. The amount of stuff needed to craft things is beyond idiotic. I hate to use those words but it best describes something like a flame thingy to make Holy burst. I mean the thing require tons of material already and forcing someone to get Silver flame favor in order to be able to craft it just sucks. Quite frankly – in order to hit 150 in favor you first need to run necro quests. And while some of them are quick, others are just a pure pain. But Holy Burst is not the only recipe that require a silly material; look at greater evil outsider bane. Not only a large devil scale but also many other materials.

Crafting can be fun; but let’s face it – who in their right mind would bother crafting something like this and go through this entire process? This is almost more work than running shroud once a day on different toons to have what you need to CRAFT GS holy burst after about a week.

All I can say is this; a clear waste of time but since I can’t run shroud on my arti yet I have to try to get the items needed to get it done.


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