Hitting 17 the painful way

I was playing my Artificer and I jumped on the chance to join some shroud flagging quest. At 15 I had burnt through 5-7 runs of Devil and now at 16 I thought it would be the right thing to do. It was just as the promotional 20% exp hit and I bought a 30% pot to go with that. It was only on normal; now I had my misgivings early on when the healer (leader) died out in the wilderness. He got webbed and acid rained on and his death was utterly pointless. And instead of going healbot in a group of DPS and casters, he kept wasting more and more SP inside on blade barriers and such. So soon enough he ran short on SP and we’re not even halfway done and I’m trying desperately to substitute heal. The guy didn’t have heal scrolls he said (I asked him) and I had only 60% chance to pull one off. So I tried to multitask being useful DPS with my crossbow and heal one way or another. The subsequent amount of deaths that followed was a result of a healer who couldn’t really figure out when to be a healer and when to be a battlecleric. Neither very effectively.

So when the final boss died; a awesome 20k XP (and that was only on normal) – I hit 17 and said my goodbyes. I really didn’t want to waste almost another hour doing more of the same and have my XP pot churning for no good reason.

The moral of the story is simple; know your class. It doesn’t mean that you have to healbot or anything – but if you’re the only healer then expect to heal. If you can’t household your SP and you don’t have backup wands or scrolls to help you out you’re not doing anyone a favor by putting up a LFM. Vale quests are not good BYOH. There’s just too many critters dealing a ton of damage. And to my credit on my Favored Soul; I know when to heal and when I don’t have too. A smooth quick completion is always desired, even if I have to heal bot the entire way.


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