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I was a scoundrel in my former life. A drow in search of fortune, no matter how he got them. The object of his desire obtained any which way he had them. The easier the better. Until he found himself in Irestone broken and bleeding left to die on the hot sand as the rest of the company ran.

Then it spoke to him. ‘Stand’ it said. Channeling light through him, envigoring every limb, forcing him to rise. ‘Leave this place and come back anew’.

I am that man now. Changed in every aspect, cleansed in faith. My soul burn at the touch of the divinity that saved me. That gave me the steelbath of faith and strength and the ability to focus its wratch on those who seek to destroy innocense.

But I will not spare you because you beg. I will not hesitate to strike you down no matter your regrets, because I am not a tool of forgiveness of transgression you might think you can fool others into overlooking.

You have but once chance with me. The one path you never took. All other roads end up in death.


Tinkerman and Metalhead
I travel roads that transcend technology and magic. Arcane and mechanical. I have no end. No desire to comform to one destination; to avoid the path of peril in comfort of safety from the things that haunt our dreams.

Endless is that abyss we travel. Constant is the companion as we traverse the dark tunnel to emerge into the light beyond.
I fear not. Me and my companion are legion in mind on this journey without a set destination.

I hate IE 9

I don’t know what it did to my settings but ever since I installed IE 9 it gives me more stupid messages than before and make publishing a blog into a nightmare. I can’t publish any images since through the process it pops up with a blank Something page. And no matter how I try to fool it, it simply just provide errors. I can’t even click on links of sort, like preview. Nothing happens.

So thank you Microsoft. Here’s a principle you should guide all updates with; make everything as secure as possible but don’t fix what’s not broken. If I wanted everything to be complicated and messy I’d get caught not paying attention to something my wife says again.

Until then – please don’t mess with settings that makes a simple task like using something that worked just fine in another version not work in a newer version.

And the fun continues

I’ve had a chance to get some information about the new

hound and VoD items. Some are situational to me and not personally useful; like

the Paladin sword and board set. But it seems to be okay Paladin items (the

debate continues but I guess Paladins are better at debating that then someone

than never plays them).

The handwraps look awesome but it’s situational as well; it’s

acid and many upper end critters have resistance to it except for maybe Cannith

WFs. I don’t play Monk so I’m guessing it’ll be a while before I’ll find out.

The bracers looks very interesting – it feeds of Xoriat

Madness and have already shows some interesting effects when you add things

like a madness breastplate and the dagger – adding Superior Potency VII

(instead of the bracers VI) and Spell Pen IX.

Now the question quickly becomes to try to add as many

Madness items as possible to get as much added effects out of it as a test.

That’s definitely more than just situational at that point. Seems to be more

useful for casters though since the added effects doesn’t cater to melee, but I’d

be interested to see if anything will help my Artificer. Especially since I use

Glorious Obscenity a lot (rune arm) but also infused chaos robe.

Other than armor and weapons there’s really only a quiver

and a mindfury trinket that can add to it. So as I see it (for my Artificer) it

would be the rune arm, possibly trinket, robe and quiver. That’s at the most 4

items and most likely only the robe, rune arm and quiver. It would be very

interesting to find out if that makes the bracers useful at all. It could be

potentially 3-4 very useful additions or 4 wasted. Such as Superior Potency VII.

Max spell level is 6 for a Artificer and spell pen IX won’t really do anything

either since Artificers doesn’t really use those kind of spells that need it.

What can I say; this adds another twist to already interesting

and somewhat useful/useless items. I use the robe now with the added arcane

lore to it. Since the bracers comes with arcane lore I could add something else

instead, such as the displacement proc. And if that made the bracers greater

Arcane lore then I wouldn’t cry at all.

But I have to say this tho; update 12 is shaping up to be

very good indeed.

Now a final word on challenges. There’s just too many variants

of Kobolds mining. Crystal Cover is fun; but Kobold variant overload kind of

make me feel like I’m listening to that popular song every time I turn on the

radio until you simply feel like smashing the radio or run your head through

something in order to turn off that snippet that you can’t help but sing out aloud.

Animus confirmed

I had this theory before playing Mabar that Animus, a fire based rune arm out of Devils Assault with a explosive shot would be very nice in the Mabar event. I even re-specced with 45% fire enchancement, 75% fire crit boost and 9% crit. And I have a knife with 75% fire damage for 3 minutes (3 clickies) and a greater fire lore trinket. That translates roughly to 80-800 in damage. True – it’s not massive consider that the rest of the upper end rune arms usually fire 1 bolt of something per tier and here you have one explosive shot, but it’s perfect as the large mobs spawn together and one shot later and you have tons of damaged skellies and some even crit to death.

That’s usually followed or proceeded with a nice tactical detonation.

And it’s beautiful. Generally I can throw the tactical detonation and follow it up seconds later with a fully charged fire ball. That usually more or less kills the entire mob, to be followed with repeater fire and the pet. In terms of spending SP, unless I use tactical detonation all the time it will last a lot longer than arcanes and that’s with less SP to beginwith than even wizards.

Animus is definately the Mabar goto rune arm; nice AOE fire damage and a overall nice finisher after tactical detonation have done it’s work.


Update 12 – let this be the one

I’m really looking forward to update 12 now. Not so much for the challenge system or some of the items that seems to solve some gear ‘needs’ that I have, but because it also arrives with some nice additions.
First and foremost the devs have realized that the triple punishment of more HP, more fortification and no additional reward is bad Karma for Elite and Epic runs. It’s like being slapped three times just because there are people out there geared and TR’d to the hilt that are running bored by the fact that everything seems easy.
So the devs in turn lowered the HP somewhat, kept the Fortification and increased the reward. This is excellent since I don’t mind the fort since they have also added ways to lower fort, but now the HP grind doesn’t seem so relentless. And shroud as an example will drop a extra chest on hard (in the end of part 5) and Elite 2. Both can drop mats. And that’s awesome. Plus the end reward will now offer a lot of other things instead of just random vendor trash.
I’m excited now to run shroud elite. I actually don’t care if we fail or if I end up running it on my FvS and have to drink pots.
Plus they added new items to Hound and VoD and I think increased the drop rates on Elite. To think that the most difficult settings should offer unique items and rewards?
This is just plain smart and a great way of making sure that there’s a carrot other than doing it for possible tomes (such as the reason is for a lot of people running Hound and VoD on hard). And now +1 and +2 tomes will drop a couple of levels down and +3 tomes is going to start dropping in higher end chests. These are all good news.
No more reason to hesitate TRing because you’re worried about losing those valuable +3 Tomes. Just grind out a set by running upper end quests and it’s all good.
And no more worrying about spending resources running shroud on Elite; now you will have 2 chances to pull large mats and other stuff. Here’s looking at you greensteel items, materials and or possible stone of cleansing.
We won’t know until enough people run shroud on Lam or when it goes live, but even if it’s only shards and large materials it’s still a terrific idea.

Dammit! Stop making me drool!!!!

That’s right Turbine; so I had this longterm plan to make a truck ton of goodies (greensteel) and run a bazillion Epics for some really rare things (ring of Elemental Essence, I’m talking about you) and you go and add some challenge system with a bunch of stuff that would totally solve things for me.

My end goal is the following; Animus for the undead crowds (runearm out of DA – got that one). It’s situational since most high end critters laugh at fire damage and it’s not ideal unless I hope to slap high end critters over the hand with it and then make them mad at me. Glorious Obscenity (Reign of Madness – acid based and I got that one). Its acid damage is really brutal. I did some experimenting and respeccing and after adding a Major acid Lore trinket I can hit between 80 – over 800 per SHOT. That’s right. I average over 1000 in damage if all 5 bolts hits. I do this by bolstering the enhancement line with 45% damage, use a 75% clickie and have 9% enhancement lore with 75% crit boost. Add to that the Major Lore trinket and presto – you have acid murder. BUT – it’s not ideal. A lot of critters such as devils laugh at both fire AND acid. Which makes this item good in say House of C and against the demon queen, but not good at all in Shroud and Shavarath.

So that brings me to Lucid Dreams (Mindsunder and force based – do not have) and Toven’s Hammer (Electric base out of the Artificer raid and I don’t have). I do have Tira’s Splendor from the Subt rare (the one that drop Icy Raiment and sun blade) and it’s lightbased and makes all primary weapons silver based, but Artificers do not have any enhancement lines for that and the spiral attack is very innacurate.

Which leads me to Lucid Dreams force damage and Toven’s Hammer electric. These two will cover pretty much the entire end game and both can be enhancement through enhancement lines and items. Further more it seems that Lucid Dream offer five ‘seeking’ shots like the acid one while Toven’s Hammer (and it can still be seeking but I don’t know right now) shoots up to 5 lightning balls straight ahead.

Either one will work beautifully in Shroud and Lucid Dream should work just fine in ADQ. Or I can always switch over to the acid one.

I will therefore respecc to Lightning and Force, with 45% damage increase, 9% crit chance and 75% crit boost. Add to that electric or Fire Absorb 33% that I will craft onto those rune arms. I will re-craft the one trinket to cover Major Force Lore and we’ll see what I do with the other.

Now in regards to the new items out of the House of C challenge system. I’m looking at making the boots, the cloak and the wind bracers. All three adds Superior Elemental Lore (so 12 percent crit chance instead of Major’s 9%) and it can be upgraded to be Superior Elemental Damage with 60% damage boost. The cloak adds fire, boots acid and bracers lightning.

So that means that in the End the Acid runearm will have an over all crit range of 12%, Toven’s Hammer 21% and the Animus 12%. That’s plenty good. It allows me to maybe set my goal on some other type of armor instead of Blue Dracon scale armor. Maybe a Dragontouched with smiting as a tier 3 rune?

Mabar, Animus and you.

Funny story (not really).

My guild leader wants me to jump on my horc fighter because
it’s better to have him than my squishy Artificer. I don’t mind; we’re going to
run EDA and the rune arm out of there is BTA anyways.

So we’re generally talking about 30+ minutes of grinding HP
with 2 devil bosses that’ll clobber you good. We got there; my guildleader is a
many times TRd wizard and his CC and insta kill is top notch.

And after much pain, no deaths and lots of shavarath
critters killed we have 3 chests; 2 trash and 1 Epic.

The healer in the group asked – who wanted Animus? I said I
did – and she gave it to me. As I picked it up my wonderful dying APC decided
to shut off again. And 4-5 minutes later when I finally came back I was
standing outside the quest and the group was half gone and the other chattering
about what was going to happen next (EOOB). And while I got the rune arm, I
never got the end Epic chest.

Much pain.

The rune arm is everything I figured it would be – the banishing
effect doesn’t seem to work – don’t know why (I reported it as a Bug) but the
exploding fire shot is exactly what I thought it would be.

It’s going to be very nice and useful in the Mabar event and
I re-specced my enhancements to be a full line of acid (for my other rune arm)
and fire. I also crafted another trinket with greater fire lore – so I can take
advantage of max fire damage in every shot.

In the end I might settle for Force and Lightning since if I
pull the Mindsunder one and Toven’s Hammer those will most likely be the
primary ones. So it would make sense to enhance those two lines the most.

My hope is that I finally get the seal to the elemental ring
out of a small problems. The Epic ring has superior elemental damage (60% on
fire, acid, cold and lightning) with archmagic.

That would help me boost the acid and fire line somewhat
whenever I switch over to it. I also hope to have the blue scale armor so I
have greater arcane lore and don’t have to bother or worry about crafting
specific elemental type lore. And since lightning works nicely on devils that
would be the primary devil bashing rune arm and with lightning motes spell the
target will be temporarily vulnerable to lighting damage which is perfect for
Toven’s hammer.

But force damage works nicely too and on most critters in
the game, so between those weapons I will be well covered.

It would’ve been nice if Mabar stuck around until Sunday,
but it’s coming back very soon anyways. It will be fun to see how tactical
detonation will work together in tandem with Animus. I know it can be pretty
devastating since I did a quest with undead in it and one mummy was hit for
700+ in fire damage. And I’ve seen everything from the low 100’s to 500’s. And
that’s not bad when used together with tactical detonation. Put plainly; it’s
going to be murder.  

Artificer and Mabar (Cont.)

I did forget another infusion spell that Artificers have to add that little extra – Insightful Damage.

Insightful damage allows a Artificer to use their Int modificer as additional damage on the main weapon, making the repeater DPS much better.

So to repeat – first I have the holy damage from the triple holy GS repeater, then 1d6 light damage from the event potion, 1d6 fire damage from Elemental damage infusion, then Insightful Damage added the main damage, then the acid damage from the rune arm and finally greater disruption damage which is the primary bonus for a triple holy GS repeater.

That’s a lot of damage.

But that’s not the only way to add additional damage. If you don’t have a triple GS repeater (which adds disruption damage) you can look for the rune arm hand of tombs. It’s very rare and drops out of the Wizardking quest in the sands (option 3 chests).  It adds light damage to the repeater (only tier 3 I think) and disruption to the main weapon.

And you have Animus; exploding fire shot charged attack and fire damage to the main weapon.

Then you have Toven’s Hammer that adds a lightning strike proc to the main weapon and lighning damage to the main weapon.

It’s safe to say that a Artificers ability to dish out dps is not limited to a smaller SP pool and the repeater alone but properly concerted adds 3 ways to destroy undead. And like so many things it’s not limited to one or two main ways of dispatching undead, but several different tactics dependent on the combination of gear.

This is unlike the pirate event where I felt the Artificer was good but certainly not better than a arcane or pure physical DPS. While I could dominate certain areas with tactial detonation and repeater it was very hard to effectivly dispatch large groups any better than any other classes.

And while Artificer are not perfect undead killers they do bring a lot of ways to get rid of them in many inventive ways.

That’s not to say divine or arcane caster don’t have theirs. I have to wait a couple of seconds when a mob first spawns before I can throw a tactical detonation. To early and it’s wasted and to late and others will have nuked them by then. Arcanes can use their acid rain – I saw that in use very effectivly since it last for a while and you can pre-cook the mob before firing off something else.

And I also saw several divines that would use firestorm since between the time you cast it and the effect takes place the mob will already be active. Which seems to be ideal since as a divine you don’t have to time things right.

Tactalicious and craftalicious; Mabar, Artificer and you

I’ve found that of all my toons using my artificer in the Mabar event have been the smoothest and greatest so far. Even better than my divine and I dearsay better than arcanes that I play with.

And that’s not to say that arcanes (be it wizard or sorc) doesn’t have a wider selection of nukes, but I say ‘better’ in the sense that Artificer bridges the gap between physical DPS (such as beating on something with a melee or ranged weapons) and arcane/divine dps.

When I play my ranger or fightier it basically boils down to 1 or two weapons, chase whatever I’m killing and beat it to a pulp. In groups it’s kind of pointless since by the time I finish off a undead a arcane caster have already AOE’d my victim and the group it arrived in.

With my divine it’s similar to a arcane caster; use a mass heal or any other AOE (like firestorm, cometfall or any of the other cure masses) and ‘nuke’ a group of undead. And anyone that survive requires another nuke.

Artificer have 3 things at their disposal. A ‘nuke’ spell called tactical detonation, the trusted repeater and the rune arm.

First off the repeater – mine is a triple holy GS one. That adds greater disruption as primary bonus and lots of holy damage. Add to that the rune arm out of the madness chain in tower of twelve. I do have the light damage one from subt rare, but the rune arm charged attack is very innacurate. The acid one is 5 bolts, 1 in center and 2 to the side. It’s also ‘heat’ seeking with a pretty good chance of hitting. Ideally I’d love the Animus one – that’s a exploding fire bolt. But the one I use is as good as any and the primary form of attack is still the spell tactical detonation.

What makes that one so good is that it has 3 different types of damage. Fire, sonic and force. And all of them hurt. I also use a trinket with lower empower cost (II) and greater acid lore. And to my rune arm I crafter greater fire lore. And as enhancements I added 40% acid and force damage with 8% chance to crit on both with a 75% crit boost.

The cool thing with Artificers is that rune arms charged attacks are enhanced by items and enhancement lines. That makes their attack a lot more potent. As such my acid bolts generally crit for everything from the high 100’s to 500. And the tactical detonation with it’s fire damage part crits for 400 in average. So whatever is left after that spell can be taken care of by the repeater and the rune arm charged attack. I’ve managed to really hurt the lich like that.

Another thing is that the rune arm always add additional damage to the primary weapons. So the acid one adds a good 15-20 average acid damage to every shoot, followed by tons of holy, the greater disruption damage and if I want to spend the motes – 1d6 of light damage by drinking that potion.

And on top of that I always add Elemental damage infusion fire – which adds 1d6 fire to every single shot.

That’s tons of damage. I rarely have to move much – my runearm acid bolts and my repeater will move down mobile undead and my tactical detonation will severly fry large mobs. And that’s why it’s a perfect bridge between arcane and regular DPS with a lot less use of resources.

Finally – the pet.

I outfitted my pet with a disruption module and it’s fully capable of insta killing undead, but it also adds that extra disruption damage to every single hit. It can either be used to agro undead or simply clean up. Since I also gave it the agro line of enhancement it have a tendency to agro nearby undead so they surround my pet (I give it blur via scroll and stone skin for extra survival) and one tactical detonation later there’s not much to clean up.

One nice additional benefit of the tactical detonation spell is that it comes with a chance to knock down the opponent, which will help in crowd control and especially against combating survivals.