Wish I had arcane lore

Good ol’ blue dragon scale armor. Except my arti is not flagged to run TOR and the 70+ runs to get blue scales doesn’t sound appealing to me. Sure – I could start selling loot and buy them, perhaps even trade some large mats but a even more useful thing would be the ability to buy a item that made any item – named or otherwise BTA until equipped. That way I could take the armor my FvS have dusting in the bank. Far better use of space and Turbine can make some money as well.


I don’t see that as pay 2 win just as greensteel deconstruct isn’t. Having another toon run tons of TOR or Shroud for the one item another toon have but never use doesn’t change anything for anyone. The runs are done and resources spent and bank space is a premium anyways.


4 thoughts on “Wish I had arcane lore

  1. Shindurza

    Tier 2 of the Epic Ornamented Dagger from the Crystal Cove event has Arcane Lore. You could get that done in one night.

  2. patang01


    True – but it’s a little bit hard to shoot a repeater with a operating rune arm and mess around with a dagger at the same time. The only two items I can think of would be the blue dragon armor and the elven armor for any kind of arcane lore (and be able to operate mah weapons).

  3. tkscience

    Maybe try an armor from the madness chain? A couple runs of the reign of madness arc and you’ll have collectables to slot in arcane lore.

  4. patang01


    thanks for the tip – maybe I should try that on that robe to see if that can help out some and boost some magic randomly.

    Interesting choice.


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