Pirate bashing time – Arti style

At level 19 and with the acid rune arm from the madness chain I set out to kill myself some pirates. Last night I joined a big group of people and quickly settled in the middle of a group and proceeded to support and slaughter.

The setup is easy – pet running around aggroing pirates by nipping at them and me attacking large group with tactical detonation then follow up with a hail of bolts plus the 5 acid bolts from a fully charged rune arm. That was terrifically amplified by the robe out of madness with a arcane lore thing added to it; only 6 percent additional crit chance but it worked. I also have a trinket with kinetic lore – making the force damage a little bit more potent.

I then soloed most of today; letting the pet take agro and firing off tactical detonation at groups, prismatic strike at lone targets and a quick volley of acid bolts from the rune arm.

I also managed to tier 2 my heavy GS repeater and now have a nice little gatling going. I’m debating whether to go blast at tier 3 or simply heal amp 30% – somehow the heal amp sounds a little bit more interesting than blast.

I don’t mind additional DPS – but survivability is important as well. The greatest feature of a tier 3 straight holy is naturally the greater disruption – which I will hopefully get done before Mabar. My hope is to first hit large groups with tactical detonation (I’m respecc’ing my enhancements to add a full fire line) and to follow up with a volley of disruptive fire. It’s sure worth a shot and my hope is that this will do the job.

I’m still hoping to pull the rune arm out of wizard king. It adds disruption and light damage to the main weapon (in the case I can’t hit tier 3) or better yet (keep dreaming) tovin’s hammer. That’s lightning strike plus a nice little toasty fire. Tovin’s fire with fully built out torc ability together with a greater disruption repeater would make the mabar event a matter of wasting bolts and possibly some coffee drinks for that additional SP.




I could just change the text but I guess I’m to lazy for such a revision. Toven’s hammer add electric bolts; Animus out of Devils Assault has a fireshot – it also adds Banishment to your main weapon. Toven’s still add lightning strike which is not that bad at all. Personally I think I’ll give it a try at getting Animus since that would be nice against undead.

Not that acid shots are bad – it’s just that I guess a fireball would be a little bit more effective (unless it’s not really a fireball but more bolts).


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