Something rune arm on my mind?

I’m still trying to get the rune arm out of wizard king – the hand of tombs but since I managed to pull a supreme shard my GS repeater is now straight holy and greater disruptive. So no need to be so fanatic about pulling that rune arm, even though doing some additional light damage would be nice.

Truth be told I rather pull either Animus out of Devil Assault or the one out of Mindsunder. The mindsunder one would allow me to take maximum advantage of force damage and the Animus would be nice against devils anywhere and undead.

The combo however of the Madness rune arm (acid) and tactical detonation is very nice in the pirate event. In the public area the both rocks and especially in group setting. People run around and stir up mobs, one tactical detonation later and half of them are hitting dirt and the rest is brutalized by party members, repeater and a full shot of 5 acid bolts.

I even used it in my first VoD run (on my Arti anyways). Devils and Orthons have a natural resistance towards acid, unless of course it hits double digits. It’s a good 100-300 HP in damage for the full 5 bolt pop and with that much acid damage one or two are bound to be a crit. Had it been the force bolt one however it would had been all damage, all the time. Which is why I want one (not just for the superior potency VI or nightmare guard).

Out of the Mabar even I’m only looking to make pots (consumables) one robe for my Arti (for the clickie, nothing else) and some wands. Nothing else is useful. Not even the docent for my pet since it has the Mindsunder docent anyways.


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