DPS or more SP, that is the question.

I’m asking myself a serious question – would a con op SP item have a greater impact on my overall game play than say a repeater with disintegration or Vacuum II.

Naturally a SP item would add a slow version of SP regeneration through taking a truck ton of hits – and the result is that I can cast more spells. But unlike my FvS the arty doesn’t really have the SP bar nor the spells to be a true pure arcane type DPS character. Sure – BB and tactical detonations are fun – but the idea of having my artis head as target practice to slowly regain SP seems vastly more different than my FvS with all that DR and some nice insta kill abilities.

On the other hand – adding a disintegration or Vacuum II repeater adds additional ways of killing arti style. Add Toven’s Hammer and you have a lightning strike added to it. Not only that; every single rune arm that enhanced the repeaters overall DPS by something like banishing (animus) or disintegration (hand of tombs) would also have some additional procs in the way of Vacuum or disintegration. Disintegration being untyped and therefore a premium ability against all critters. And vacuum being good since so many upper crafting recipes require soul stones – and there’s no easier and cheaper way to make soul stones than using a vacuum weapon.

Gear should enhance important features of a build and not corn hole things we like. I want nothing more than SP regeneration but it wouldn’t alter my play style a whole lot. For most part my arti will still use runearm and repeater for DPS and only in raid situations do I blow all my SP on arcane DPS to add that little extra something. For most part I’ll throw a tactical detonation just to clear assaulting mobs, but it’s the repeater followed by my rune arm that cleans up the mess.

And for every single GS item I can think of that I got for my other characters I can now get through end game stuff and Epic gear.

And a fully unlocked Toven’s hammer provides a torc like ability anyways and I can always add a con op over time and when other PrEs are released.

Point is; having alternative DPS that fits the class is sometimes as tempting as the supporting items. While a SP con op item seems like a good thing, the extra 150 SP won’t mean much and 1 con op item is generally not enough to keep up with the needs of a arcane caster.

Maybe I’ve already made up my mind?


3 thoughts on “DPS or more SP, that is the question.

  1. Grenada

    You seem to be leaning towards the xbow already, but anyhow:
    I would go with a sexy xbow over a conc op. It’s not as if you rely on your sp bar for dps (for the most part), and scrolls/wands/etc can be used when you need some healing even if you run out of sp.

  2. patang01


    yeah – con op is nice I have em with torc on my fvs and even ranger, but I really don’t arcane dps with the arti. And a vacuum would fill other purposes too.

    I think I’ve already decided on one.


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