Artificer and Mabar (Cont.)

I did forget another infusion spell that Artificers have to add that little extra – Insightful Damage.

Insightful damage allows a Artificer to use their Int modificer as additional damage on the main weapon, making the repeater DPS much better.

So to repeat – first I have the holy damage from the triple holy GS repeater, then 1d6 light damage from the event potion, 1d6 fire damage from Elemental damage infusion, then Insightful Damage added the main damage, then the acid damage from the rune arm and finally greater disruption damage which is the primary bonus for a triple holy GS repeater.

That’s a lot of damage.

But that’s not the only way to add additional damage. If you don’t have a triple GS repeater (which adds disruption damage) you can look for the rune arm hand of tombs. It’s very rare and drops out of the Wizardking quest in the sands (option 3 chests).  It adds light damage to the repeater (only tier 3 I think) and disruption to the main weapon.

And you have Animus; exploding fire shot charged attack and fire damage to the main weapon.

Then you have Toven’s Hammer that adds a lightning strike proc to the main weapon and lighning damage to the main weapon.

It’s safe to say that a Artificers ability to dish out dps is not limited to a smaller SP pool and the repeater alone but properly concerted adds 3 ways to destroy undead. And like so many things it’s not limited to one or two main ways of dispatching undead, but several different tactics dependent on the combination of gear.

This is unlike the pirate event where I felt the Artificer was good but certainly not better than a arcane or pure physical DPS. While I could dominate certain areas with tactial detonation and repeater it was very hard to effectivly dispatch large groups any better than any other classes.

And while Artificer are not perfect undead killers they do bring a lot of ways to get rid of them in many inventive ways.

That’s not to say divine or arcane caster don’t have theirs. I have to wait a couple of seconds when a mob first spawns before I can throw a tactical detonation. To early and it’s wasted and to late and others will have nuked them by then. Arcanes can use their acid rain – I saw that in use very effectivly since it last for a while and you can pre-cook the mob before firing off something else.

And I also saw several divines that would use firestorm since between the time you cast it and the effect takes place the mob will already be active. Which seems to be ideal since as a divine you don’t have to time things right.


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