Dammit! Stop making me drool!!!!

That’s right Turbine; so I had this longterm plan to make a truck ton of goodies (greensteel) and run a bazillion Epics for some really rare things (ring of Elemental Essence, I’m talking about you) and you go and add some challenge system with a bunch of stuff that would totally solve things for me.

My end goal is the following; Animus for the undead crowds (runearm out of DA – got that one). It’s situational since most high end critters laugh at fire damage and it’s not ideal unless I hope to slap high end critters over the hand with it and then make them mad at me. Glorious Obscenity (Reign of Madness – acid based and I got that one). Its acid damage is really brutal. I did some experimenting and respeccing and after adding a Major acid Lore trinket I can hit between 80 – over 800 per SHOT. That’s right. I average over 1000 in damage if all 5 bolts hits. I do this by bolstering the enhancement line with 45% damage, use a 75% clickie and have 9% enhancement lore with 75% crit boost. Add to that the Major Lore trinket and presto – you have acid murder. BUT – it’s not ideal. A lot of critters such as devils laugh at both fire AND acid. Which makes this item good in say House of C and against the demon queen, but not good at all in Shroud and Shavarath.

So that brings me to Lucid Dreams (Mindsunder and force based – do not have) and Toven’s Hammer (Electric base out of the Artificer raid and I don’t have). I do have Tira’s Splendor from the Subt rare (the one that drop Icy Raiment and sun blade) and it’s lightbased and makes all primary weapons silver based, but Artificers do not have any enhancement lines for that and the spiral attack is very innacurate.

Which leads me to Lucid Dreams force damage and Toven’s Hammer electric. These two will cover pretty much the entire end game and both can be enhancement through enhancement lines and items. Further more it seems that Lucid Dream offer five ‘seeking’ shots like the acid one while Toven’s Hammer (and it can still be seeking but I don’t know right now) shoots up to 5 lightning balls straight ahead.

Either one will work beautifully in Shroud and Lucid Dream should work just fine in ADQ. Or I can always switch over to the acid one.

I will therefore respecc to Lightning and Force, with 45% damage increase, 9% crit chance and 75% crit boost. Add to that electric or Fire Absorb 33% that I will craft onto those rune arms. I will re-craft the one trinket to cover Major Force Lore and we’ll see what I do with the other.

Now in regards to the new items out of the House of C challenge system. I’m looking at making the boots, the cloak and the wind bracers. All three adds Superior Elemental Lore (so 12 percent crit chance instead of Major’s 9%) and it can be upgraded to be Superior Elemental Damage with 60% damage boost. The cloak adds fire, boots acid and bracers lightning.

So that means that in the End the Acid runearm will have an over all crit range of 12%, Toven’s Hammer 21% and the Animus 12%. That’s plenty good. It allows me to maybe set my goal on some other type of armor instead of Blue Dracon scale armor. Maybe a Dragontouched with smiting as a tier 3 rune?

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