Animus confirmed

I had this theory before playing Mabar that Animus, a fire based rune arm out of Devils Assault with a explosive shot would be very nice in the Mabar event. I even re-specced with 45% fire enchancement, 75% fire crit boost and 9% crit. And I have a knife with 75% fire damage for 3 minutes (3 clickies) and a greater fire lore trinket. That translates roughly to 80-800 in damage. True – it’s not massive consider that the rest of the upper end rune arms usually fire 1 bolt of something per tier and here you have one explosive shot, but it’s perfect as the large mobs spawn together and one shot later and you have tons of damaged skellies and some even crit to death.

That’s usually followed or proceeded with a nice tactical detonation.

And it’s beautiful. Generally I can throw the tactical detonation and follow it up seconds later with a fully charged fire ball. That usually more or less kills the entire mob, to be followed with repeater fire and the pet. In terms of spending SP, unless I use tactical detonation all the time it will last a lot longer than arcanes and that’s with less SP to beginwith than even wizards.

Animus is definately the Mabar goto rune arm; nice AOE fire damage and a overall nice finisher after tactical detonation have done it’s work.


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