And the fun continues

I’ve had a chance to get some information about the new

hound and VoD items. Some are situational to me and not personally useful; like

the Paladin sword and board set. But it seems to be okay Paladin items (the

debate continues but I guess Paladins are better at debating that then someone

than never plays them).

The handwraps look awesome but it’s situational as well; it’s

acid and many upper end critters have resistance to it except for maybe Cannith

WFs. I don’t play Monk so I’m guessing it’ll be a while before I’ll find out.

The bracers looks very interesting – it feeds of Xoriat

Madness and have already shows some interesting effects when you add things

like a madness breastplate and the dagger – adding Superior Potency VII

(instead of the bracers VI) and Spell Pen IX.

Now the question quickly becomes to try to add as many

Madness items as possible to get as much added effects out of it as a test.

That’s definitely more than just situational at that point. Seems to be more

useful for casters though since the added effects doesn’t cater to melee, but I’d

be interested to see if anything will help my Artificer. Especially since I use

Glorious Obscenity a lot (rune arm) but also infused chaos robe.

Other than armor and weapons there’s really only a quiver

and a mindfury trinket that can add to it. So as I see it (for my Artificer) it

would be the rune arm, possibly trinket, robe and quiver. That’s at the most 4

items and most likely only the robe, rune arm and quiver. It would be very

interesting to find out if that makes the bracers useful at all. It could be

potentially 3-4 very useful additions or 4 wasted. Such as Superior Potency VII.

Max spell level is 6 for a Artificer and spell pen IX won’t really do anything

either since Artificers doesn’t really use those kind of spells that need it.

What can I say; this adds another twist to already interesting

and somewhat useful/useless items. I use the robe now with the added arcane

lore to it. Since the bracers comes with arcane lore I could add something else

instead, such as the displacement proc. And if that made the bracers greater

Arcane lore then I wouldn’t cry at all.

But I have to say this tho; update 12 is shaping up to be

very good indeed.

Now a final word on challenges. There’s just too many variants

of Kobolds mining. Crystal Cover is fun; but Kobold variant overload kind of

make me feel like I’m listening to that popular song every time I turn on the

radio until you simply feel like smashing the radio or run your head through

something in order to turn off that snippet that you can’t help but sing out aloud.


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